RR: Cold Steel Land&Sea rescue, vs Spyderco resue

Dec 9, 2000
in terms of fit and finish, value, caryability, and emergency defensive use (I know they both stink at stabing) I think both would make a good PC, sheeple freindly hard utility knife for cary to work. (I'm doing work for a temp agency, so some days I type, some days I cut open boxes, some days I stay home). Thanks in advance.
I prefer the Spyderco. Lighter, easier to sharpen, decent steel and easy to use.
I have no doubt that the Spydie is better even though I've never held the CS. That's just how those two usually work out.

And since I've never held the CS, I'll get to my point: don't assume that they're sheeple-friendly knives just because they don't have a good stabbing tip. I don't think anyone in the office will see a Rescue and think "well, I'm safe because that sheepsfoot blade is clearly not a penetrator." Fact is, they're "large" (not 2" SAK) knives and they usually have serrations. That's plenty to freak people out.
I have used both, the Spyderco serration pattern is a much better design which cuts better and clogs much less. It is also way easier to sharpen. The Spyderco is far easier to open and the lock appeared stronger. The CS was less expensive.
Stay sharp,
Any 4 inch bladed knife is going to get the sheeple going and the cold steel is a 4 inch blade. They will never notice the rounded tip. Its bigger than needed to open a box if thats all you need it for. Carry it if you want, but I would not use it in front of others. For sheeple enviorments, a small SAK or 2-2.5 inch bladed folder can perform most all office tasks. The cold steel land and sea rescue really cant be resharpened properly. The serrations are too fine and too close together. You can sharpen the back edge and strop it with some degree of success. With something like the 204 sharpmaker, spyderco serrated blades can be easily sharpened. As for me, unless I was cutting fiberous material like rope, I would use a non serrated knife. Cleaner cuts, and sharpens in the standard manner. More knives to select from as well.