RR CRKT Bear Claw

Thank you Jerry !

Also on the emerson it's very easy to do some turkish knots on the handle with paracords or leather.

The CRKT bearclaw seems also to have a really small hole.
Perharps it has been made for the little finger only ?


No Problem Nemo,

by the way Fred Perin also makes some nice jewlery. I'm wearing a stainless steel twist thumb ring right now. I've had it since last years New York Custom show.

~ JerryO ~
There has been a lot of talk here about who is making a copy of who's work. I have looked at four " claw " types over the last day or two and I do not see any rip-offs...
I see that there are some people that like the claw type of knife and that there are people that like to make that type of knife. If we did not have people making there own versions of a knife type , then we shouls all go back to using a sharp piece of rock. ( unless some caveman complains about being ripped off for his idea!!!!)

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