RR: CRKT M16-04

Nov 1, 1998
Does anyone have one? I am looking hard at the chisel point, plain edge. I would appreciate any feedback.

I had a CRKT m16 for a while. I ended up trading it, but only because I wanted something else, not because it was a bad knife. The quality will match that of the best production folders. IMO they are not quite the quality of Spyderco, but they are better quality than Benchmade. Go ahead and get one, you wont regret it. I intend to buy another for myself.


I have the M16-02Z with Zytel handles. It is of remarkably high quality for an inexpensive knife. You get a lot for your money from them. Enjoy.
I have one and it is hands down the most knife for the money that you can find. The knife has lots of positive features and few, if any, negative ones. This is IMHO, of course.
And this from a guy who doesn't even like tanto points. But a really great product is hard to resist, don't ya know!
The M16 series seem to all be great knives, and the absolute best thing about them is you get an outrageously great working knife for a mere pittance of a price.
IMO, the M16-04 is CRKT's flagship blade. And if you've seen their product line, you know that it is HUGE in it's volume, and that says a lot about the M16-04.
Get one and I think you'll be quite happy with it.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid!
I agree with Misque.It's one of the best buys for the money.The M-16 was also one of the sharpest knives I've seen.I'm not much of a tanto fan but the edge geometry on this blade is good for cutting.
I own the spear-point, Zytel-scaled version. This series of knives is red-hot...at the last gun show I attended, the M16's were selling like hot cakes. I got mine for an incredibly cheap price and there is nothing wrong with it. The quality matches or surpasses many knives 3 times the price.

BTW, in the new 2000 CRKT catalog, there will be a new series of M16's with carbon fiber handle scales.
I have M16-03 spear point and I LOVE IT. Very neat, lightweight design. I carry it for jogging, gym and similiar activities. It just does not get in the way.

You'll have to remember about conditioning the blade or the bead blasted finish will rust quite fast.

Richard, I'd disagree with you that CRKT knives are higher quality than BM's. CRKT's liners not always line up perfectly. Even if the lock passes the "spine whack" test it just doesn't look very good. BM is known for some problems too. But when I hold a perfect BM and CRKT the thumb up goes to BM.

But hey, QUALITY/PRICE ratio for CRKT is probably among the HIGHEST

The M16-04 is a tremendous value. The flipper feature is not only a very nice opening tool but also a great liner-lock back up safety. Should the liner lock fail for some reason the flipper will pinch your index (or little, depending on the grip) finger and prevent the blade from closing on your hand. The handle design is attractive and the andodized finish just seems to refuse to accept scratches with normal everyday pocket use. I have carried one every work day since early Oct on duty and not a scratch! Used it hard and it holds a good edge and sharpens quickly.

The application of Tuf Cloth to the blade is highly recommended because the bead blast finish will rust or corrode quickly under some conditions without a protectant. With occasional Tuf Cloth use I have had no problem whatsoever.

Thumbs up!

I bought one recently from a member. I also can recommend it highly. it is a quality knife with a sharp blade,great feel in the hand, a strong linerlock with the flipper backup,and VERY inexpensive. Folders for three times the money arent any better in my opinion also.
I have the M-16 04 in plain edge. A really cool open is to put pressure on the flipper while holding the blade closed with your thumb and then slip thumb away and knife springs open like AUTO with no other wrist or arm motion. With a little practice you can do the thumb/finger motion in fraction of a second, kind of like snapping your fingers. I have bought 5, two had to be returned because it took two hands to close the knife. (very poor workmanship)
The three my wife and I kept are fantastic knives in every respect.
Richard, better quality than benchmade? What! Im not saying that makes crkt a bad quality knife, but lets compare: Benchmades blade steel is ats-34, where crkts steel is aus-8. Benchmades liner materal is titanium, crkts is stainless...i could go on, but there isnt much point, you have made your mind up already. Maby you have had a bad experience with benchmade, but they are clearly superior.

As for CRKT, all of there knives ive held locked up very tight, with no blade play. Fit and finish was perfect, and just seemed to be a great quality for the money.
Quality and materials are two totally different animals. No one ever said BM lacks in the materials department (except maybe for the heat treat of their ATS34). CRKT's quality being higher than BM's does not seem to be too much of a shock. Although, I'd say BM's quality is higher than CRKT's, BM produces quite a number of lemons.

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I ordered a m16-04 but received an M16-14. I really like it though. However, I'm a bit concerned with the lock-up. The first photo shows lock-up when the knife is opened normally: http://home.att.net/~jslltl/photos/crkt2.jpg
The second photo shows lock-up when the flipper is used: http://home.att.net/~jslltl/photos/crkt1.jpg
Does this look like the tpyical lock-up for this knife? I hope the lock-up improves after a couple of hundred flicks.

Perhaps it isn't apparent by looking at the pictures but the lock-up was slightly better when the flipper was used. However, it is the overall lock-up, regardless of the opening method, that I am questioning. I must add that the lock-up seems to have improved since originally receiving the knife. I have become addicted to that flipper. It would be safe to say that I have sufficiently broken-in the knife.

Joe Liguori
Hello to all: My mind is made up!!! I'm going to get the M16-04 plain edge. Thanks to all of your insights.

Thanks from me too for all your insights as well! I just purchased the M16-14 and LOVE it! I can't find anything I don't like about it. I like the overall size and length as well as the partially serrated Tanto blade edge it supports. Granted the blade isn't BG-42 or a CPM, but AUS-8 works well for me for ease of sharpening. The stainless steel liner may be a little thinner than BM titanium liners, but, stainless steel will not wear as fast as titanium does. Titanium is stronger, but softer. Great knife and the price ..... remarkable! Can't figure out how CRKT does it!! Taiwan, well, sure does say something about their production compared to some time ago .... fantastic production going on now!!

I have an M16-03Z which is razor sharp and one of the best value for money deals out there. The more I look at the CRKT range the more I like it.

Sure, they could use better steel with some of their blades (many models using AUS6M) but you get a lot of knife for the money.