RR: CS Nogales blade performance

Apr 24, 1999
I'm interested in how Nogales blades perform on various tasks the reason why is b/c I think CS should make a neck knife w/ that blade shape. Read below.

Okay, what if Cold Steel decided to make a Nogales blade for neck carry? No, that is NOT the same thing as the Desperado, b/c I had one and it was just too damn big. I'm talking about something w/ the same blade size as their El Lobo Nogales folder (3") w/ a Desperado style handle or something like that (thinner scales, though). You could even call it the Mini-Desperado! Anyway, I'd probably want it in Carbon V, no serrations, handle scales of G-10 or micarta or even, but only as a last option, Kraton. Oh yeah, and thinner stock (1/4" is too bulky). And a multi carry sheath, too. What do you guys think of this? I'm mainly looking at the neck knife as a last ditch weapon, though, so please, no comments about the thing not being appropriate for cutting apples, etc.
I dont know about the smaller one - but the Vaquero is a serious cutting machine. Cutting branches a 1/2 inch thick with a single swing - got my pruning done before I realized it.
I loved using my Desperado planting trees last year. It rocked when cutting through roots.

As for the neck knife -

Don't want Carbon V next to sweaty skin on a full time basis... Stainless would be the way to go.

I'm sold on the serrations for the nogales clip. Catch something in the recurve, let the serrations rip through clothing, etc., and a draw cut is amazingly effective.

I'd like to see the Desperado handle re-created in the 'Lil Desperado. I like the "rubber egg". Grippy!

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Thanks for the info, George and Brian. Brian, good point about the Carbon V getting rusty, I was really only thinking about cost. Then again, I can blue Carbon V, can't I? If they were going to do it in stainless, though, I wouldn't want AUS-8, the hell w/ what Lynn Thompson says about it being tougher than ATS-34. Sandvik is a pretty good, "cheap" stainless and if they could do it even in GIN-1, that's be good enough for me. As for the serrations, when I look at them, I shudder b/c resharpening will be a pain, and besides that, they're just ugly serrations. If the handle could be re-created w/ Kraton, I'm sure it would be a great grip, I guess I'm one of the few whose handsweat doesn't react too well w/ the material.