RR: Kershaw Starky Ridge folder

Nov 4, 1998
Has Anyone seen one of these? I am looking for a mid-size, medium duty, more utility than tackical knife for my girlfriend, with a blade lenght from 3"-3 1/2" or so. The Kershaw seems to fit the bill so far.


Hi Yek,

I had one for a while and didn't really care fo it, so I gave it away. It seemed like a well, made knife, just not my style. Here are some of my nit-picks.

Didn't like the clip -- made it stick too far out of the pocket. If your girlfriend is going to keep it in her purse, this probably isn't an issue.

I didn't like the handle ergonomics. With no real choil to speak of, the round area below the pivot made it difficult to choke up on the knife. If they had put a finger groove there, a la the AFCK, it would be a much improved knife. For sake of fairness, I do have pretty large hands.

Lastly, the ball detent was a little weak and I cut myself twice while extracting the knife. Not a good featuire in a tip-up carry knife!

The guy I gave it to really likes it. I put a n old black BM clip on it so it would sit lower in the pocket and not shine so brightly.

The blade is great, though. Good belly, nice point for fine work, and good edge holding.

If you get a chance, go fondle one in a store: if you get past the clip and handle, I think you might have a winner.

hope this helps,


Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
I got one of these about a year ago and love it. It is an extremely sturdy little knife. The titanium frame and stainless liners make this thing rock solid. Although the knife is small it has enough curves in it to prevent your fingers from slipping into the edge. Overall a very good quality knife that is definitelly worth the money. In fact it appears to me to be stronger than the Benchmades of equal size. The blade is definitely thicker.
I just got one from Top of Texas knives. I am really impressed with the quality. I got the g-10 version. Keep in mind that I havent had a chance to really use it, but first impressions of this knife are good. Initial quality seems as good as Spyderco and Benchmade. I am not sure why these knives have been overlooked.

Dennis Bible