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RR: Leatherman Crunch

Oct 10, 1998
Has anybody had a chance to try out this tool? It looks as though it has some very desirable features apart from the locking jaws.

I did a search on the General Forum after I posted this topic and found a few comments, guess I should've checked there first. However I would still be interested in hearing the opinions of anyone who has been using one for a while.


Don't worry that the world might end tomorrow....in Australia it's tomorrow already.

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I have had a Crunch for a few months now.
I love it.
I am a mechanic and use it every day. It has held up very well. It doesn't have as many tools as some others, but I haven't found it lacking yet. I would recommend this tool to anyone who needs the vise-grip type jaws.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for your comments. Seems the Crunch hasn't created as much interest as the Wave did when it was introduced. Perhaps there wasn't as much hype in the lead up to its introduction. I like the fact that all the tools lock and it looks as though it would be more comfortable to use than the original Leatherman.


Don't worry that the world might end tomorrow....in Australia it's tomorrow already.
The Crunch is very well designed and very easy and comfortable to use. Much better than the Kershaw.
I think it comes down to how many people really need vise grips as opposed to pliers.
I carry the Wave when I am off duty. The Crunch is strictly for work.
Can't really beat the Crunch for the cool factor though. All my buddies at work always want to use it.
Here are my first impressions:

First of all, let me say: I don't like most LM tools, especially the Wave. Too much handle flex and one-hand opening blades on a multi-tool do nothing for me, I've gotten dozens of knives that I carry for that.

I really, really like the Crunch. Leatherman is finally refining their tools and correcting some mistakes on other models.

The locking pliers are the innovative idea on the Crunch and I have been very impressed with them. It takes only a few seconds to open the tool and get it ready for use. They open up to accomadate a 1" diameter pipe and are very comfortable to use. I've found them easy to lock on and unlock but they stay locked on when they're supposed to. LM did a great job with the vise grips (locking pliers).

The wire cutters function similar to other LM tools. You do however have to make sure that the locking pliers are adjusted to the closed setting or else the wire cutters won't touch.

The other implements: knife blade, screwdrivers, file, etc. are also greatly improved. They now open individually, (not clumped like on most other LM's) and lock into place. The lock mechanism seems very solid and unlocks easily but not enough to have accidental closure. Very nicely done.

Another great feature is the 1/4" hex drive. To get to it you have to unscrew the locking pliers adjuster until it comes all the way out. It is about 2 inches long and takes about 10 seconds to unscrew. It will accept any 1/4 hex bit. The spring tension to hold the bit is set just right. Loose enough to easily insert and remove the bit but tight enough that shaking the tool won't casue the bit to fly out. Again, excellently done.

The greatest improvement IMO is that there is NO handle flex like on other LM's, (especially the Wave). The tool when closed, "snaps" together so that when using the locking implements or the 1/4 hex driver the handles are snapped together so they don't flex at all. Woohoo!!!

Oh, almost forgot, you've also got a 4" ruler.

The only feature that I think is a bust is the wire stripper. It's tough to explain, but I tried to strip some stranded wire and it was quite poor to say the least. I wouldn't count on the wire stripper at all.

You can always argue what should have been included and what should have been left off, like: why a serrated blade and not a plain drop point blade? etc.. but IMHO they've put together a very nice, practical, comfortable, usable tool.

The Crunch is definitely a keeper for me!!

I'm so impressed with the Crunch that I'm looking forward to the Pulse, where it looks like they've corrected all the bad things about the PSTII. That too looks like a great tool.

Thanks for all the help. My Crunch arrived today and it is everything I expected and more. It feels exceptionally solid in the hand and the folding method is very ingenious. Looks like I've finally found a tool to replace my old PST.


Don't worry that the world might end tomorrow....in Australia it's tomorrow already.