RR Livesay AA

I own a Livesay RTAK and love it. The thing begs to be used. Works great.
I recently picked up a couple of his neck knives, the Woo and LP. I wasn't impressed with these but they are a bargain.
I am looking to get an Air Assault next. I have read mostly positive reviews of the knife. I have a couple of questions.
The protrusion on the blade spine is for thumb purchase? Seems like it could be uncomfortable.
What is the difference between the LBE sheath and the leg sheath? I know he also makes an IWB and a shoulder rig. I plan on getting the shoulder rig and either the belt or the LBE sheath.



May 14, 2000
The Air Assault is my favorite Livesay knife. The micarta handle is the most comfortable I have ever used. The thumbpiece aids in indexing the knife.
Newt does excellent kydex work, the leg sheath has a nylon strap and acts like a standard knife sheth, the LBE sheath is made for inverted or horizontal carry. The retention on the sheaths is excellent.
A review of the AA can be found here:

Take care and be safe,

PS you might want to check out on-scene tactical for an aftermarket concealex sheath as well.

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Thanks for the info, Chad. And the link. I'm definetly going to pick one up. Probably sooner than later.