RR Livesay Company knife


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
I know there are forumites that have one. What do you think? Does it balance well? Would it be a good fighter? How about the carry system? I know that Newt Livesay makes good knives, but I would like to know more about this knife.

The knife can be seen here:http://hometown.aol.com/claymike/life1/index.htm


I got mine about 3 weeks ago.I really love this knife.It feels great in my hand.I have fairly large paws and I think the handle on this one is the best fit of all my blades.One thing for sure:this knife is balanced pretty good maybe a little handle heavy but it moves really fast.Also it seems to be a pure fighter.I would not pry with this knife because 4 hollow grinds converge to make the tip (double edged).I hate the sheath that came with it;this thing is huge!Newt makes a concealment sheath,but I am designing my own.In the catalog Newt says" this is the knife I carry because I dont want to end up as a statistic on a police blotter."If it's good enough for Newt its good enough for me.I hope this helps.