RR: Mision MPU


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Dec 25, 1998
topic speaks for itself. Can anyone give a review of this knife? I am thinking about one from the bladeforums store but cant decide.


I like it, for fishing duty. It's a stout knife at 5/32" wide. The thickness and the ergonomic handle give this knife a secure grip. The protrusion on the blade spine acts as a thumb ramp which works well in giving better control on certain types of cutting. The blade is a spearpoint, with a 2.75" edge. l think the 440C also helps to minimize worries about rusting. The gray finish is nice.

The sheath, in a word: S*CK. Too bulky and heavy. It has three pieces fix together: top, bottom and belt loop. The permenent belt loop is way bigger than it needs to be on the back of the sheath. It makes a neck carry more uncomfortable and "printable". The sheath is also wearing out the finish on parts of the knife. Another good reason for 440C.

I appreciate the faults with the sheath until I got the REKAT Utility neck knife. In contrast, the REKAT blade is 1/8" with the same length blade in a drop point. The handle depth is slightly less and has more holes, making it lighter. In doesn't provide as secure as a grip as the MPU though. The REKAT sheath is a beauty. It's a once piece fold over kydex, pouch style, with a removable clip that can be affixed in different configurations with screws. As a neck knife, it is comparatively light and DOES NOT print. I happened to have it on yesterday, going out with friends. My friends had not a clue except they noticed the chain and commented that they had never seen me wear jewelry.

The newer MPU's use either A2 or Titanium. The new sheath from Edgeworks (which still hasn't been released yet) is much better design for multi carry. It is certainly lighter and has less print. I waiting to get this newer sheath as a replacement.

As it stands now. The REKAT gets the thumb up over the MPU. The REKAT is also cheaper at $50 or less. Of course the REKAT 1095 steel means you have to watch for rust. But that Nato Green finish is way Coool!

Sing has a couple of valid points. The ergonomic of this little piece of steel is really remarkable. The handle is good for larger hands (some neck knives are too small for me) and that nose on the spine is a perfect rest place for the thumb. With this you can really put some pressure on the blade.

The sheath is VERY sturdy (thick Kydex) but as mentioned somewhat bulky for a neck knife. It's much better for a belt but doesn't sit too tight because the belt loop goes - as mentioned - almost over the entire back of the sheath. Good for wider belts, bad for smaller ones. But there is a solution for smaller belts: you can put a cord through the middle rivets and around the back. With that you have basically reduced the width of the belt loop by half. Now you can easily wear the knife up- or downside on any kind of belt. The sheath is very flexible to adjust with the six rivets which are used instead of screws to hold the three Kydex parts together.

For me the finish is the only part I would have liked to be different. I'm NOT the fan of bead blasted steel. It not only increases the tendency to rust (440C should be ok) but also makes the knife prone to markings from the sheath or other materials. Satin finish is almost always better.

In total I would recommend the knife, not only because it's functional. Two other things are interesting as well. You are going to support bladeforums and get a possible collectors piece. The 440C run is fairly limited.

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