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RR: Paragee vs EDC

If someone has both and a digital camera it would be nice to see both in same picture.
I'd go with the EDC. The lock bar on the Paragee isn't wide enough, and in a tight grip you can feel the lock flex :barf: However, the blade on the Paragee is beautiful. Nicely ground, and stonewash finish too. Razor sharp out of the box. Thumbstuds can be difficult to get at sometimes since they sit so close to the handle when the knife is closed.

The EDC is rock solid all the way around, no complaints about it except that a bigger brother version would be cool. I love the clip - really blends in with the handle. Easy to pen, easy to close. Stiff lock (in a good way) that has no play at all in any direction. Can't wait for the Talonite® version!
Paul -- FWIW, I did a "comparison" just shortly after receiving the Paragee, on the Outdoor Edge Forum.

I have to disagree with Dexter. He's right, if you hold the knife with your index finger down right on the lock, a real tight grip can make it flex. I hold it with my index finger in front of the lock area, and my social finger comes in behind it. With the little bit of extra length on the Paragee, I can get all 4 fingers on the handle -- well at least half of my pinky. I can't get so much of my finger width on the EDC. (I got the 154CM) So, the grip on the Paragee feels better to me, but the wider handle of the EDC does have something to be said for it.

APparently, I got stuck with an EDC that wasn't as well finished as most of them are by report. Mine has the ball detente from hell. I can't believe something that small is so difficult to pull out of the handle. When it lets go, the blade jerks almost all teh way open. The lock is about as strong as that on my CRKT S-2. Really hard to open with my thumb alone. Sometimes get it, sometimes don't quite.

I love the stonewash finish on the Paragee blade, tho of course, the 154CM is better than the AUS8. IMO, the finish and operation of the Paragee reminded me a lot of my Sebenza. The EDC reminded me a lot of my S-2. I carry my Sebenza. I don't carry my S-2. (Terrible disappointment for me)

Given the price difference, even against the 420 EDC, I think the Paragee is a much bigger bang for your buck. I also think it is just plain a bigger bang.

Sorry, but don't have photo capabilities. If I can ever stop buying knives, I'll get a digital camera one of these days.
I was at the camillus table at a gunshow this summer, and I loved the looks and fit and finish of the EDC. Two things turned me off though:

1)As stated above, the ball detente is just too tough. It's hard to get leverage on a knife this small. I find that on my paragee, the blade stays in unless I want it out, but it's easy to get out.

2)Short grip area of handle. It seems like the paragee is designed for a greater range of hand sizes, and the EDC just felt small and awkward in my hand.

One thing i like better about the EDC is the wider, more recurved blade, and if they make a bigger one, I'll be the first guy in line, but I just don't like the way it feels small and awkward. Scale it up, even half an inch, and it would be a perfect EDC. For now, give me the paragee!
Thanks guys. You have addressed all my major concerns about these two knives.
I am not a fan of recurved blades, so the Paragee wins there, not quite so much curve. Handle design of the Paragee beats the EDC. I like straight handles. The lock does concern me. I'll just have to wait till I can make a side by side comparison for myself.

The lock (and therefore detent) strength on the EDC is adjustable. Mine was a little weaker than I wanted it, so I took it apart and bent the lock bar farther over with a pair of pliers. Now it's perfect. You can make it easier to open/disengage by just pulling it out the other way a little bit, and you don't even have to disassemble for that.
Great comparison pics. Hey, the third knife is the Kershaw/Onion Vapor. Looks interesting, but does it have the speed safe feature? The prices for the Vapors are unbeleivably low!
I'm pretty sure the Vapor doesn't have the speedsafe mechanism.

It is rather inexpensive, isn't it? And for the people who've complained that the EDC and Paragee are a little too small, the Vapor comes in two sizes, with the smaller one about the same size as the EDC and Paragee, and the larger around .5" bigger in the handle and blade (each).

The only obvious downside to the Vapor is that it (probably) uses a poorer steel (probably 420HC, same as the base model EDC) and it may be somewhat heavier. The larger size seems to weigh just a little under 5 oz (not as skellitonized). Oh, and I don't like the looks of the blade quite as much.

I may get one of the smaller ones just to compare it to the other two; Kershaw has done a great job on the other two Onion designs I have (Boa and Chive).

I have to agree with Dexter on this one. I got the EDC and was impressed (very impressed, truth be told) with DDR's design so I could'nt wait till the Paragee got in.
It arrived and I went to check it out with the intention of buying one.
For me, it proved to be kind of difficult to operate the thumbstud.
I had a good deal of trouble deploying the blade. The action was smooth enough and was not sticking, I just had a hard time getting the "feel" for the thumbstud. I had to pass on it.:(
The EDC is another matter entirely. This little sucker ROCKS!
After my wallet recovers from the coming Guild Show:D , I am gonna be getting me mitts on one of those 154CM models from One Stop.
I have no problem opening the Paragee. The action is smooth and easy. Every knife has it's own character and takes a little getting used to. This is by no means a difficult knife to open.

As far as the lock flexing, I have no concern this will result in lock failure. Sorry this made you want to hurl Dex :D. As you grip the Paragee you push the frame-lock further into engagement making the lock stronger. Further, this is a 3" pocket-knife, not a folding prybar. If you want the later get a Magna.

On the Vapor, this is a standard frame-lock design (No Speed-Safe). The reason for the low price point is the Vapor will be produced in Kershaw's factory in China. I believe the Vapor protos at the Blade Show were made in Kershaw's Japan plant. Regardless the Vapor is another nice frame-lock design and it will be interesting to see the quality result on Kershaw's first China made folder.