RR REKAT Carnivore

I know that a few people on this forum have recently received a Carnivore. I have no experience with REKAT, but am seriosly considering one. Can somebody enlighten me as to the quality of these knives? I was waiting for a Spyderco Starmate, but may get the Carnivore instead.
Mar 9, 1999
I guess I can respond. Pat & Wes Crawford are very impressed with REKATS version of their knife. They are more impressed with REKATS "rolling lock" which they are now using. The rolling lock is the strongest lock out there in the folding knife world.
REKAT makes my knife cause to use it properly I needed a rolling lock in it.
SPYDERCO makes GREAT knives and the STARMATE designed by Terzoula is a good knife for sure..
You can't go wrong with a REKAT knife!
The carnivore is extremely well balanced and has a good feel in ones hands! Plus its ALOT cheaper than having the CRAFORDS build you a custom one!!
actually why not get both..you can't go wrong owning several good knives!

See my post in the Other Manufacturer's forum. I definitely have high hopes for the Carnivour. It's not quite as beefy as the Crawford KFF but it's also half the price. If anything, having handle the Carnivour, I'm dreaming of having a Crawford made KFF (with the Carnivore handle) and a rolling lock.

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I am very interested in getting a Carnivore, but I hasvent been able to find one. I have even e-mailed REKAT. Can anyone help me out. Thanks.

Give me time. I'm working on a review and now it's on the top of my list of things to do.
I was able to handle the Carnivour that Hugh Fuller won last month. It is a rock solid knife with great action and Hugh has been very happy with it.


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