RR: REKAT Hobbit Warrior

Nov 18, 1999
Anyone have one of these? Let me know what your thoughts are. I see that they come with a kydex sheath, but I haven't seen any pics. What are the carry options with the sheath? Recommendations between the ATS-34 or 1095 steel?

Hello, I have one and a good friend has one of the SOF ones. They are great small fighters. Light fast and tough. It is designed and works best in the reverse grip. While the sheath works well I would like to see a good shoulder sheath design and I have yet to get one for it though I very much prefer Bladerigger for such work. I feel that the guard is too wide for comfortable IWB carry. I have ATS 34 but would now probably get in 1095. I personally prefer tool steel over stainless and if you are worried about staining and rust just get a sentry solutions tough cloth it works great.
The sheath is very well made. It can be switched for righty, or lefty carry. The guard is bit large so as coyote mentioned, IWB is out of the question. If you need a pic of it, I can take some for you - send me an e-mail if you want to see it.

Mine is 1095 - plenty durable and tough with the exception of some rust that could occur on it. Reverse grip is the way this bad boy was designed - older design compared to some of the new ones, BUT still lots of knife for the $. I thought it would be a good defensive weapon if the need arises.

Ray 'md2020'