RR: Spyderco Lum

Jun 21, 1999
Does anyone own/or has handled the new Spyderco Lum? Please enlighten us with your impressions. Thanks!

Overall its a good knife depeding of course on what you want to use it for.

Cons(some trivial):
-Actual cutting edge length to handle length ratio isn't too good.
-Thin locking liner doesn't inspire confidence.
-Handle spacer not flush w/rest of the handle on two I've seen.
-Ugly philips screws
-Handle scratches on every one I've seen (5)

-Locks solid w/room to wear despite thin liner.
-Bob Lum design
-Very ergonomic
-Its a "tanto" but this rendition is surprisingly useful for general purpose cutting chores.
-One of Spydercos few Ti handled knives?

Overall I like it. Wish it was US made though.
Got to second Booshank almost word for word. The spacer deal? I dunno...mine's perfect. The phillips screws? Can't figure that one out - really.

WRT the scratches on the handle, I think that's more a function of the grey satin finish than anything else. I get the same thing on my BM Spike, with the satin finished aluminum. Not scratches so much as "marks" from other materials rubbed off. The finish feels almost soft and velvety in the hand, though.

Another point of note - the knife is VERY sharp, including the convex ground tip edge. Sharper out of the box, and better edge holding than my Starmate. Could just be the finish grinds, but whatever.

If you are looking for a (large) gentleman's knife, this is an excellent choice, much better than the tactical set, a very elegant piece. It's definitely not a knife to be "manhandled". The lock does NOT like to be snapped at all. Crosses way over to the side and jams a little. But when opened in gentlemanly fashion, it locks right on and solid. Got mine from Bob himself, and he told me upfront that the knife is more suited to dress carry than utility.

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The one I temporarily owned was a well made knife. No problem with the lock and liner at all. The lock fully engaged the blade but didn't go too far over. Easy to unlock, no matter how hard it was opened.

The handle is comfortable with plenty of space for a large hand, but doesn't seem to be too much for a smaller hand.

My only complaint. I don't like titanium on this knife. It is too slippery and there is not enough of a guard to keep the index finger from moving forward on the slippery titanium. While it does have a "warm" feel, there is no real adhesion for the skin. I personlly would like to see it in a nice colored G-10 or Micarta with a good bead blast texture to it.

Beyond that, it is so nice I really wanted to carry it, but on the other hand, it was so nice I was afraid I would lose it.

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Put a new edge on that Starmate and it should hold up longer. Seemed to be the problem with mine....

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