RR: Spyderco Viele

I saw one of these at the local shop. It really caught my eye. Anyone have any experience with it?


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Dec 3, 1998
Hi Brian,
I love the Viele...especially since it is in VG10 now vs AUS8. It is a true cross between a gents knife and a tacticle. To me, it's a perfect work knife for the office setting. I think it is one of the smoothest opening folders I have ever used.

Beware though, this knife is for right handers only! It is nearly impossible to open with the left hand since the Spydie hole is recessed in the scales on the left side and there is a cut out on the right side.

I personally love mine.

I am sure you will get other opinions.

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I have the VG-10 version, and it has been my EDC for about 6 weeks now. I have had no trouble with it at all, and it is extremely smooth in operation. The linerlock appears to hold up quite well, and the upgrades it recieved from Spyderco when it got the VG-10 should only help in that dept. It is one of my favorite knives, but it is a little dressy for what I like to carry. Works great at school though, noone seems to complain about it.
The new version of the Viele has been a great knife for me, Ive had mine for over a month or so, with no complaints.

One side note though...While picking one out, I did have to look at a few to find a "good one". By this I mean they were all really OK, but what I did have to look for was the pivot washer on the lock side on many of them were pinched and deformed by the result of the lock hitting the washer while pushing it over to close the knife.

Easy to see by opening the knife and then look inside along the handle and lock. I dont think it would ever really be a problem, but Im sure it shouldnt be that way either.


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I got my new VG-10 Viele last week and it's been with me ever since. It is just a great knife: sharp as hell, unintimidating to most, but still has a "tactical" look, light, and easy to carry. This is a knife I don't have to worry about carrying around in the office. Also, I wear a suit most of the time during the day and my Viele doesn't weigh down my pants or my suitcoat if I put it in the suitcoat inside pocket. The only "negative" is that there is the potential for your finger to slide up onto the blade if used for thrusting.


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Excellent knife. I have the new version, my wife the older one. Both are "right hand user friendly", very sharp, easy to open, easy to clean, easy to sharpen.... For good price on the new one try to contact George Bartley at bartlg@hotmail.com



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