RR Stamascus Knives

Oct 7, 1998
Does anyone have any experience with Stamascus knives? I'm interested in purchasing one of their folders and I would like some information. Are these considered custom knives or are they in the William Henry (which by the way are excelent) category? I see that the Damascus is from Mike Norris and I'm familiar with his work but I'm not familiar with Ed Vanhoy and I have not seen his work in person. I would like some additional info before I shell out $600.00.

Joe Liguori
I have two fixed blades from Stamascus knife works. One made to my design and another a modified model 2 from there page.I wanted a travel on the train through the bronx knife and I wanted something that looked good. I had the slim down the handle some add somewhat of a double guard, taper the tank to keep the profile slim and sharpen the false edge. I had it done with the ironwood and a prettier handle I have yet to see. What a grain and expertly done. I prefer to carry a fixed blade for security and this is easily slim enough and light enough to carry daily. The steel was 5/32 random pattern. Wish I had a scan I think everyone would drool. The knives are an absolute beauty to behold. everything fits up so fine and after selling off nearly my whole collection they are the only two I refused to let go of. They are pass down to your grandkids kind of knives. My first one came shaving sharp which surprised me since the stamascus is better suited for sawing kind of cutting do to natural Micro serrations. The second one however was not sharpened to my liking and the edge seemed to change angle toward the belly. A meeting with the Gatco sharpener and that was rectified. I doubt very much you will be disappointed in anyway with your purchase from them and I recommend thenm highly.