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RTAK Survival Knife...any info?

Jul 13, 1999
Does anyone have or know anything about the RTAK Survial Knife by Wicked Knife Company? Any reviews besides the Randall Jungle website? Any first hand info would be appreciated. Thanks.
I've got an RTAK... haven't really used it yet, but it seems to be a well-made knife.

It's BIG! Feels larger than my Trailmaster.. or the Busse Battle Mistress that's due to be delivered in the next four weeks. Blade is a little longer than the advertised 9 1/2 inches.

Grind looks clean, and it's comfortable. I actually kind'a like the thinner blade (3/16").

I'm not sure, yet, how the 1095 steel will perform.
Thanks Kirk,

It would be interesting to hear a comparison on the overall performance between the RTAK and the Battlemistress (ergonomics etc) so if you take both out into the woods let us all know your thoughts. The RTAK seems to have been more designed for the Jungle use with its thinner blade than the Battlemistress, although Ron Hood seemed to like the Battlemistress when he went to the Amazon. I wonder how the RTAK would perform out of the jungle setting...
The advertised cutting length of the RTAK on our site is 10"

We have just shipped an RTAK to Scott Stoddard (ASG and Knives Illustrated magazine) for an upcoming review.

Also Steven Dick of Tactical Knives has used the blade and will probably have something on it in an upcoming issue.Drop him an email and get his thoughts.

We're receiving good reviews and comments on the piece from folks who work in wilderness environments. Aubrey Moore, collector and reviewer of wilderness blades in South Africa had many favorable comments. Email him at moorea@yebo.co.za

I like the Battle Mistress, it's definitley an excellent piece and Ron seems to use his a lot in both the jungle environment and Stateside work.... but he doesn't own an RTAK yet :)

Shipping times on the RTAK are currently running less than 4 weeks, but Newt told me a couple of days ago that orders were increasing so I don't know how that's going to change the turnaround times. - Jeff

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