RTAK vs Busse Basic #9

Oct 16, 1998
I know it's too early to post this, but I'm dancing up and down with need to spend my money on one of these - but which one? Which one? I like what I've heard of the modified INFI (even if it is just slightly seasoned 440, it seems to do amazing things) but those lame hanles don't hold a candle to Newt's linen micarta. My knife lust needs a direction!! Anyone have any insights at all?? FF
Personnaly I have never owned a Busse. But I have owned a few of Newt's knives and can vouch 100% for them. Do not expect as fine a finish as the Busse. But what you will get is a tool that will run toe to toe with the Busse any day. I would trust the RTAK as my only blade in any survival situation.
Newt's knive are 100% no bull**** blades....no gimmicks at all. I would say get the RTAK...but again don't expect fancy cosmetics.

I've been trying to make the same decision. What I decided was I'd rather have the extra cutting performance of a 3/16" blade, especially knowing that the RTAK has been tested hard by a number of people and has held up just fine (i.e., I don't think I'll need the extra spine thickness). I think it's got an extra 1" of length also. It may not hold an edge forever, but I'll take the hit of sharpening now and then to get the thinner blade. I might lean towards the Busse if I were, say, in the military and doing lots of heavy prying and other things that would lead to wanting a 1/4" blade instead. Or if I needed the blade to hold an edge forever.

Go with the RTAK and you won't be sorry. If you want a Busse, get a Battle Mistress - everyone says it's worth the wait.
RTAK's take about a month to ship I think.

Busse Basics are a little harder to find aren't they?

Adn Newt Livesay is a good guy, but so is Jerry Busse.

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Check out my review of the Kasper AFCK, thougths on the AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper. http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Meadows/1770/kasperafck.html


I was considering the Busse Basic #7 but now that I read this thread I must admit I am curious about the RTAK. Where can I find information on this knife, I did a little searching but couldn't find much. One quick question though, what type of steel is the blade of the RTAK? Thanks for any help.


The RTAK is 1095 steel.
ordered one about two weeks ago.Will be getting it next week.
were(forum members) starting to generate a lot of interest in the RTAK.
Go to Jeff Randall's site to see a evaluation of the RTAK.
Newt Livesay has a site also.
you can find the addresses on other RTAK threads.I would give them to you now but dont have them written down.

Jeff S