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Oct 3, 1998
Well, awhile back, I took Chiro's advice and got a Pup from the Running Dog Knife Co.
It is a cute and efficient neck knife that is also very inexpensive. I'm not gonna do a big review, as Steve (Chiro) has done that already and better than I could. But I'd like to toot Michael's horn a bit. I liked the Pup and had heard about the BG42 models that Copfish and Sing had gotten; so I emailed Michael and put my name on the list for when they were ready to do a run of BG42 (i love this steel). I also asked if they would consider doing some refurbishing of a knife I had (made by Kelly Ward) that had the cord wrap coing off and a kinda mediocre sheath.
So, sight unseen, Michael quotes me a price for new handle wrap and sheath (VERY REASONABLE) and off goes my knife.
Well, today I come home to a package from RDKC. Inside is my refurbished knife, with a very nicely done cordwrap and a VERY neatly done neck sheath of kydex. Oh, no, what's this ? It's another kydex sheath, with a belt clip !! Wow, very nice surprise ! These sheaths are the very essence of minimalism, well formed and only the material there that needs to be there.
Great job by these guys (forgot to mention Dell Guthrie) and a great deal to boot. I'm going to have them do one of their wharncliffe models in BG42, can't wait to see that baby cut.
I highly reccommend these guys if you want great work at very reasonable prices.
Thanks Michael & Dell.

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I bought one of the orginal BG42 L'il Pups for my son. I love the knife and if I hadn't already promised it to him, I would carry it.

Nice work and the sheaths are very well made and about as minimal as you can get. (Which I like.)
Yes - very nice knives (I am still hiding them from my girlfriend who gets the Little Pup for her birthday today)
. The KYDEX sheats are the best I have ever seen. Minimum material but maximum utilization (is that correct??).



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Yeah, can't beat the minimalist approach.
That was one of the things I specifically asked for, minimum material and that's what I got. It work well as a slip sheath in the front pocket, with the cord attached to a belt or belt loop.

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