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running dog push knife


Mar 10, 2000
For those of you who saw their spring cleaning sale, I am the one who bought the large push knife. It was originally listed as 440C but was O-1. O-1 was fine with me. The knife is beautiful. Simple but nice file work. Very solid, good heavy feel. Also very SHARP. Friend who was looking at it gave his thumb a good slash (I should mention that he was also holding it at the time. Anyone have a knife that will cut just by looking at it??). He thought I must have spent hours getting that sharp, but it was right out of the box. Used it around the office for a few days cutting nylon strapping and boxes. Edge holds up great so far.

One question. Anybody know of a product that will protect this one piece non-stainless knife from tarnish/rust w/o making it too slippery to handle?

I SWEAR by Rennaissance Wax for my O1, A2 and D2 blades! It does a great job of preventing rust, lasts long and makes handle materials look nice also.

Talonite, new pics, knives in stock!