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Running Dog's Jr. Exec

Jan 31, 1999
Okay, here is the link to my two Jr. Exec's. It's the first picture with the black micarta and red Padoak handles:


They came in yesterday. A slightly longer wait than anticipated but well worth it.

I have the Running Dog Pup, a small 5.5 OAL drop point with BG42 steel, and have carried/used it quite a bit as a discrete small fixed blade utility. The pup has performed admirably despite my initial concern about the grind. The grind basically looks like a chisel grind. I can't stand chisel grinds because I can't cut straight with them. But the pup has actually an "assymetrical grind" which has a bevel right right at the edge on the flat side. This seems to rectify whatever problem I usually have with chisel grinds.

The BG42 pup has been low/no maintenance knife for the half year or more that I have had it. I use it to cut boxes, envelops and food (like the steak I had for the Father's Day cookout.
) Just clean after use and resheath.

As much as I liked the pup, I wanted a more substantial handle for sure gripping on possibily more "challenging" types of cutting tasks. I asked Mike for a Lil' camper in BG'42 and micarta handles. Well, he suggested a new model he was working on... The Jr. Exec. The name frankly turns me off but heck I went with it and I'm glad.

The Jr. Exec is again 5.5" OAL, 1/8" BG42 stock, with the assymetrical grind. The cutting edge is 2 and 1/8". The handle from the bottom of the guard to the pommel is roughly 2 and 3/4" long. From the spine to the bottom of the guard is 1 and 1/8" deep. The handle width on the micarta is 3/8" and 1/2" on the padoak. There is smooth file work on the spine and on the bottom of the guard. The blade style is more spear than drop point. Its shape is akin to Ken Onion's Little Boa. The quality of fit and finish is very good. Overall, the Jr. Exec is a very attractive knife.

Now, the most important thing here for me is that the handle width in combination with the guard achieve a very sure gripping but comfortable knife. Aften some hard thrusting into stacked cardboard (not corrugated cardboad), I can say this knife succeeded in that regard. I have no fear of sliding onto the blade, something I'm not totally sure of with the pup. I have small hands and this knife is basically a "three finger" grip (with about 1/4" to spare for me.) For larger hands, you may prefer to get the thicker handled Jr. Exec's with the wood or stag scales.

Cutting performance and edge retention I expect to be the same as that of the little pup. I have been more than satisfied with both.

Oh yeah, the sheath has multicarry options and is as well done as the knife. I think the MCS greatly enhances the utility of the knife.

For the neck knife and/or small fixed blade fans, this is another one worth your consideration.

Good job, Running Dogs Mike and Dell!


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Good review sing!
I'm waiting for one of Running Dog's Wharncliffes in BG42 with elk scales! Should be quite a slicer, don't you think? I think their stuff is very good value for the $. Hope to be able to pick up another model in the future.
Keep up the good work guys.

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Saw the beautiful blue G10 one done by Running Dog.
Never tried a wharncliffe blade. Interested in a review of that, especially what type of tasks if would be good at.


AKTI #A000356


I'm glad you got your knives...Of cource sorry for the wait and thanks for hanging in there...

I'm sorry you didn't like the choice of names for the knives
You have to understand coming up with names for all of these knives is tough!

...I'm thinking...upscale Little Camper....Jr. Executive...Makes sense in a kinda perverted way...

Most of these names were "shop" names and for better or worse we may be stuck with them...

For example the "Gambler" started out to be a boot knife ala " Mississippi Gambler" but now fills more of a general utility role...

So we may be renaming this knife...Tell you what..Best new name for the "Gambler" wins an Ivory fob from Running Dog...

If you never have had the pleasure of using a Wharncliff you should try one...This design gives you a lot of control with fine tip work...I use mine everyday!

Running Dog

Running Dog Knife Company

Great review. The Jr. Executive in your photos with the pink ivory handles arrived last Thursday. It is a very nice knife. Don't think anyone could go wrong with Running Dog.