Ruple 4 blade congress?

Big Dave

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Dec 18, 1998

Could someone tell me what Bill Ruple is selling his 4 blade congress pattern in stag for? I don't know how to contact him. Feel free to email me for send a private mail if it's not cool to post this info on the forum.

Also, what type of spring tension do his knives usually have? I prefer the medium to light side.

Does anyone have or handled one of his congress knives? I'd be curious to get your thgouths.

Thanks in advance.



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Oct 2, 1998
Dave, I'd rate the tension on the Ruple's I've manipulated as no more than medium but that can be different on any given knife.

I believe that Bill's table price for a four blade congress in stag is about $150 less than the one that is currently on a popular purveyor's site. (Let's keep specific pricing etc off the forum and restrict it to email and PM.)

As I'm sure you already know, Bill's work is excellent and I can tell you that I've found myself staring at a couple of Bill's congress knives quite a few times in recent weeks.

What holds me back (other than cost) is that I'd prefer a slightly different blade setup but that's just a personal choice.

By the way, Bill told me at the Blade Show that he's not taking orders directly so you may be restricted to what you can find at shows as well as on purveyor's sites.
Dec 26, 2004
I spoke to Bill last weekend at the Round Rock show.
He said that he was moving or just moved I don't
remember. He is still in the same area.
Jul 25, 2005
I've got three of Bill's knives and would rate them at lite to med. (4 - 5). No complaints re. f&f. In some cases his matching of scales is a little off, but I've always understood that originally vintage knife scales didn't always match. I've got his two-blade congress and with its slim lines it's real sweet. Go for it...