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Russian Balistic

Feb 28, 2001
Can anyone tell me what this is and if it's something worth buying? A friend has owned it for 15 years or so and needs some cash. He tells me that it's illegal to own? Have not seen but understand blade and/or handle will eject by means of a heavy spring. Any help greatly appreciated.
Find a post from Vampire Gerbil over on the community forum and go to his link on ballistic knives. The blade and/or the blade and its hard sheath can be propelled from the handle by a spring. They are illegal everywhere I know of in the US.

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Here's an abstract from a medical journal that discusses a spring knife fatality. While I've always considered the "Spetznaz" knife to be gimmicky, at distances up to a meter, it does have the potential to be lethal.

Fatal brain injury caused by the free-flying blade of a knife - case report and evaluation of the unusual weapon.

Hirt M, Karger B.

Int J Legal Med. 1999;112(5):313-4.

Institute of Forensic Medicine, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic.

A man suffered a fatal injury from a self-inflicted accident while handling a special type of knife. A spring in the shaft of the knife accelerated the blade, which perforated the orbital cavity and the frontal lobe at the right side. Death was due to central disregulation. The initial velocity of the blade was measured to be 15 m/s. In a total of 20 experimental shots to a fresh pig cadaver, the blade always penetrated the skin and 5-10 cm of soft tissue as long as the distance did not exceed 1 m. Thin layers of bone were also perforated. The free flight of the blade did not remain stable if the distance was more than 1 m, which resulted in superficial wounds only. So this unusual construction resembling a knife can be considered an effective combat weapon for close range fighting instead of a tool.
Good Evening.

That was a sex call for albino moose.... been havin' a craving for one all day...

Anyways, yeah, I got a link to a page that shows the evil knife. Feel free to look at it, then send me $365 in uhhh.. gazing fees.

Just a thought.... this knife's only safety device is the pin from a hand grenade.

That's pretty indicative of how truly spooky this knife is.

I use mine only in the case of emergencies.... like shaving.

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yes, they are worth having..
are they very practical? well no!
are they dangerous? ho yes!
treid mine for shooting the blade 10 meters
away and it got stuck in a barrel half way trough. the blade is not very sharp but very pointy also it is hardened to 61-62 Rc for heavy penetration[i'm talking the spez knife]
security on these babies is not to be trusted and should be dealt with extreme care.
but they are a mighty nice artifact on any collectors list.
They are extremely illegal. I wouldn't even look at it very long.........

The first knife was probably used to cut stuff.
I don't knock anybody for owning one but I can see no justification for buying one beyond that of a curio. It seems awfully dangerous and useless as a tool. The fact that is illegal to possess everywhere I know of simply seals any possibility of wanting one. This is definitely not the knife that we should encourage or promote.