Rust found on GL.X out of the package - What to do.

Oct 19, 2010
Had some customer feedback that indicated that one of my GL.X knives arrived with some orange oxide rust out of the package. I was surprised by this and upon inspecting the pictures the customer provided found that it l may not have been properly coated with the Eezox rust preventative coating that it should have been.
If you have received or do receive a knife in this condition the orange oxide rust should come right off with a bit of scotch-brite and then the knife should be re-oiled to prevent further rust.

Another issue that was brought to my attention is the black oxide coating from heat treat. This coating is a natural finish that has two components:
1. The black finish that covers the primary bevels and the edges of the GL series knives.
2. The black carbon layer that covers the black oxide finish, that flakes off after time.

These components are both normal and expected. When I remove the knives from the kiln they are 100% covered in the black carbon layer. Depending on the knife most if not all of that layer cracks off during quench, temper and then finishing.
What remains I leave as I've found that it eventually comes off and if I remove it I end up removing the black oxide layer too, which I want to stay for looks and rust prevention.
The black carbon layer I've found can be removed by either tapping the knife on a hard surface, throwing, or picking it off with a sharp pick if desired.

Neither the orange oxide rust found in this one instance or the black oxide coating and carbon layers will cause any loss in performance and are 100% safe to use and throw in these conditions.

I've tested the GL series knives coated in the black oxide and orange oxide rust without any ill effects other than it rubs off on your hands.
I've checked my current stock and have not seen this on any of the other GL series knives, so it looks like I just missed this one.
If I'm wrong and there are more out there with this issue, please contact me at: so I can track this issue.

- Hal Zucati