rust prevention


Sep 20, 2000
I know this topic has been up before, but i thought i might share something with you that i do to help keep my knives rust free. I cannnot speak for the tuffcloths, and other products out there, but i do want to tell you what works for me. Whenever i get a new knife, crkt, kershaw, ect. that has a beadblasted blade, i soak the blade in breakfree for two days. It will soak and dry in the pores of the metal creating a barrier to rust which will last about two months. You have to wipe off the excess after soaking (obviously!), but the pores will have a small deposit that drys and protects. The reason i use this is becuase i know it works, and i used breakfree in the military for the 8 yrs i was there on my knives, m-16 ect. (breakfree known there as clp if my memory serves me right!)...anyway just thought i would share that with everyone!!!