Rust resistance in easily heat treated steels?

Nov 29, 2005
Is there any noticeable difference in the rust resistance properties of the steels that will work with a simple set-up such as a one-brick forge? (I'm going to upgrade to a small dragon's-breath type forge soon, though). If there is a difference, which steel has the best rust resistance, and does it have a great deal less edge-holding ability than the other simple steels?

Thanks for the help:)
All plain carbon steels will rust. The better the finish the more rust resistant. Care and oiling will go far.Treating the blade after finishing can reduce rust a lot. Some things that will help are - Bluing,Browning, Etching,coating with something like the many Brownell's products.
I know they'll all rust (I live in the humid state of GA and have a 1095 knife I always carry). I was just wondering if say, 01 or W2 rusted slightly more slowly than 1095, for instance.

look for steels with chrome added. The more chrome the more stain resistant. Nickel is another additive that resists rusting.