Rust test.


Mar 21, 2005
We have a few question about our stainless steel quality. I did a special Rust test.
I used the "BADGER" knife - ( made in 2005

1. I decide to use 3 different liquids - unfiltered water, lime juice, onion juice.

Sorry I did pictures for Russian spoken forum, so labels on the picture are in Russian. So there are (from left to right) water, lime, onion!

2. I left my knife for 3 days on the kitchen table - average temperature 75F, humidity 75% (Chicago summer :))
what I got after 3 days you can see on the next picture:

So we got 3 different marks on the blade. (it would be strange if we would not get them). And I decide to wash my knife in regular tap water:


A piece of onion "glued" to the blade - lets try soft sponge:


What do we have now?


What can we see? I took two shots - with and without flash.
We still can see some marks but NO RUST AT ALL
No marks after water, very light mark after onion and a little darker mark after lime! Again - NO RUST!

Ok! I decide to try regular jewelry cleaning cloth from WalMart (used one! with almost no powder!)


And as result we see:


Just a very light mark (no rust) from the lime juice! Nothing after water, nothing after onion!

That lime mark i cleaned with NEW jewelry cloth!

Any questions please feel free to contact me.


Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Dec 5, 2005
It's amazing, these knives take and hold a great edge, but at the same time this awesome corrosion resistance! I'm sure the high polish helps, but wow!
Great knives!