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RVW: Benchmade 750 Pinnacle/MonoLock

Feb 4, 1999
Benchmade has been attacked that this knife is too similar to Chris Reeve's folders, but I can't comment on that. To me, each knife stands on its own merits, so here are my two cents...first of all, the knife I am reviewing was bought used, but in good condition, so I will assume it is unmodified from the original condition.

The 750 has an overall length of 8.4", with a closed length of 4.7" and a blade length of 3.6". It weighs 4.5oz and retails for around $110, although, as you well know with knives, prices vary considerably. Clip is set up for tip down carry.


The 750 uses Benchmade's MonoLock technology, which is the same thing as CRKT's frame lock or Chris Reeve's integral lock. Basically the idea is the same as a liner lock, except in this case the lock is integral to the knife handle itself, rather than to a liner. This offer several advantages to be discussed later. The blade of the knife itself is sort of a recurved spear point, with a false edge toward the end 1/3 of the knife and a rather shallow flat grind to the edge. The blade is ATS-34 and comes razor sharp, while the frame/handle is 6Al/4V titanium alloy which has been tumbled.


I like this knife a lot. There is little wasted space in the handle, so it is large enough for a good grip, but not so big it is cumbersome. The titanium handle makes for a generally heavier knife than the same size scales in aluminum, but with aluminum the possibility of a MonoLock is not present because of the material's limitations. The recurved blade cuts very well, especially in slicing, and it is excellent for stabbing. The knife was comfortable in forward and reverse using positions, and it would serve well as a defense/tactical or utility knife. The point is centered right in the middle of the knife, and the weight balance is very neutral. Mine was coated in Black Teflon, giving it a nice matte finish, although it does scratch rather easily.

The MonoLock is a very secure lock, and has several advantages. First, it works the same way a liner lock does, although the MonoLock is much beefier since it is cut from the scale itself, rather than a very thin liner. Second, when the grip is tightened on a knife with a liner lock, the tendency is for the lock to release. With the MonoLock, the lock actually tightens, giving an added measure of security. It releases well and it may be a little harder to push the lock than on a liner lock, but to me this is comforting rather than detracting. The thumb stud is well placed anc comfortable to use, and the action of the knife is very smooth with no play in the open position. I did not like the fact that Benchmade has chosen to use Torx screws instead of standard allen bolts, as this means you need special tools to adjust the pivot.


The 750 is an excellent knife that is very versatile. I feel it is every bit as stout as my REKAT Pioneer, and it weighs a lot less. It is a large folder in my standards, and cuts and slices very well. It is just as usable for utility as it is for defense purposes, and I found it very comfortable to use. If anything, the traction areas that are machined into the handle are a bit sharp, but this is a small complaint. I think Benchmade has made an excellent knife at an excellent price with this one, and I was apprehensive of the seemeingly steep edge bevels, but they are easy to sharpen and cut very well, so looks are deceiving!

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good review Chiro. I like my Pinnacle alot. I paid $90 for it from Skylands cutlery for the satin finish. One word of advice-never never never use loctite if you take off clip and put it back on. The holes go all the way through, I actually glued the blade shut. Took about a solid week of working it open and closed and oiling to get it back to normal. You should have seen my face the first time I tried to open it and it wouldnt budge. Well, gave my buddies something to laugh about for awhile.

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Nice review! I think this knife would have been alot more popular if it had not been overshadowed by the axis lock. I plan on getting one eventually.

Dennis Bible
Great review Chiro75!

Shootist16, Don't hesitate. Get one. It is one of my favorite carry folders. It is a very compact package that has "heavy duty use" written all over it.
I find it is at it's best when wearing dress pants because it is fairly thin, has great blade to handle ratio and the clip is mounted fairly high on the pivot end, giving the knife a lower profile carry.
'Tis a real shame it came out with the Axis, as it is a really great knife that was kinda lost in the Axis' formidable shadow.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid!
I get the impression that Benchmade is perfecting their MonoLock. The first few Pinnacles I looked at were a little shakey, but the recent ones have been rock solid. This is starting to look like a superbly functional folder to me. Might havta' get one.
I think the 750 may be the best knife for
the money available today. I know that covers
a lot of ground, but the more I use it, the more I like it. I bought a 710 about a week
prior to buying the 750. I'm going to sell or
trade the 710 and keep the Mono-lock......
nice review!