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RVW: Kevin Wilkins Brochure!

A brochure review? Get real, right? Trust me, this one is certainly worth making mention of! Kevin Wilkins is an American (I think) living in Berlin, Germany. He makes knives under the moniker Ultima Ratio Regis. His website can be found at <a href="http://www.wilkins-knives.com">http://www.wilkins-knives.com</a> and it is worth taking a look. I saw a message from kevin a week or so ago saying he had completed his snail mail brochure and was ready to send them out. I received mine yesterday and it truly is a work of art in and of itself!
It is a several page deal that folds out, instead of being stapled. Each knife in Kevin's production stable is shown in actual size, so you know exactly what the knife looks like. There is a description of why he makes knives, what the name of the business means, what the ideal uses for each knife is, what materials are used, etc etc. Kevin's brochure is exactly what custom knifemaker's need to be striving for. It is very professional looking, very classy, and uses just enough embellishment to keep the reader wondering how he got so lucky to have made the mailing list! It is a gorgeous thing. He uses an iridescent silver ink on the blades which is just slightly shiny and it is out of this world! He also puts some small pics of more customized jobs in the pamphlet, and there is full phone, mail, and internet addresses for ease of communication. Kevin has done a splendid job with his brochure and it follows his work ethic of making simple, classy, usable knives. Excellent work, Kevin! This sets the bar pretty high for other knifemakers to meet, but one would think the days of the photocopy are long gone...

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Jul 6, 1999

I just looked at the web page. Particularly like the neck knifes, sort of REKATish in a lot of ways. I wonder what he got ($$$) for the 420V blade? ($$$$$$)

I agree with you Chiro75, Kevin's brochure is as excellent as his knives. The reason is that he is an Art Designer by profession and knifemaker by passion.

I'm really looking forward to the Damascus work he is doing.