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RVW: Pre-'98 Endura

Feb 4, 1999
This was my first SPyderco, thanks to Bruce at Bullman Cutlery. He got it to me QUICK as I waited for my Apache to be warrantied (and then pronmptly traded for another Spydie!). Anyway, this isn't a hardcore, bend the blade in a vise type review, so if that's what you want, then run away fast! ;-)
This Endura is the old style with molded plastic clip and AUS-8 steel. I was apprehensive of the plastic clip, at first, but I like it a LOT. The handles were also thinner than what I am used to, but after a few days of carrying the Endura, I have grown accustomed to them. I imagine they might be a bit slick in wet conditions. The blade lockup has a great feel to it, although very tight at first. Several; hours of playing later it was loose as a goose (but still tight with no play when locked in), which makes me happy! I like the placement of the opening hole, too, which serves sort of as a guard to prevent the hand from sliding up the blade. Other ergonomic notes that I like are the fact that the handle is quite long (and still light, and that the blade has enough belly to it that you can hold the spine itself and do really delicate cutting. I'm no steel expert, and it's probably heresy to even suggest this, but I like the AUS-8 steel better than my Apache's ATS-34. I find myself sharpening the AUS-8 about once a week, but it is a fast process and brings the edge to razor sharpness. I could never do this on the Apache, and the edge was harder on that knife and wanted to chip frequently. Getting those chips out was next to impossible. So, I have to sharpen more often, but the knife is sharper and more suited to utility work. In short, the Endura is a GREAT knife, well suited for a utility knife in any conditions. I would feel comfortable with it everywhere from the local carrying duties to the wilderness! A+ job on this knife.