Ryan Is GAY!!

Yeah, that's it. I'm gay, you're old, Duane's wierd, you smell, Rob's a redneck, you're a dork, Mick's....well, Mick, and you are done when I see you next.
Weird? Old? Rednecks? Hey, those are my people! :)

Remember you said that when you come back to Atlanta, Ryan. We'll be waiting for you... HAHAHA!! :)
and lets not forget....when we see you next year you will NOT be on the "death from above" squad any longer.....you will be a .......

civilian!! :rolleyes:
:p :)
:) :p
Tom, if you come to Vegas in Jan-Mar of 2002 I still will be. But, I don't need help with you.

Sorry, Duane.....You can be a redneck too.
We can probably keep this going until the next Blade Show, then I can have the pleasure of watching Ryan beat you senseless for posting this... :)

The saying is:

"Old and treacherous will beat young and talented everytime."
Since we are on the subject. Anybody got the results of the hubcap toss or pigs feet bobbing from the Red-Neck Olympics?
Thanks Art. Can you spell wise ass peckerhead!
Just kidding, and if you are going to use a coolguy secret code name/handle/call sign, at least you picked a cool one!
Duane like Beowulf!
Duane Dwyer