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Ryan W knives Amazing knives by an Amazing person!!

Discussion in 'Ryan W. Knives' started by par4s1tE, May 30, 2015.

  1. par4s1tE


    Jan 15, 2014
    I do not know where to or how to start except to say I have been a huge fan of Ryan's work ever since I laid eyes on one of his knives....and then when I got to hold it I was hooked. Anyone who owns one of his beautiful creations this is nothing new, and if you have yet to see or hold one of his knives then your knife collecting is not yet complete and has a gigantic hole in its roster. There are very few makers that can truly do a hamon with the level of skill and beauty that is found on one of his knives and as much as he does offer his blades without the hamon, you are truly doing yourself a disfavor if you choose to not include this feature on your blade (assuming you are not going with a stainless option for whatever reason). Now there are a number of threads showing his blades and I hope that this doesn't get lost in the shuffle but I really wanted to focus on Ryan the man. I do not know how many of you have read his post detailing how to get a eye popping beautiful hamon on your blades at home.... and I mean it is as step by step as you could EVER want. Not to many knife makers would EVER give away the secret recipe if you will like that outside of the trusted relationship between the master and the apprentice and well if you ask me that is pretty darn cool of him to do that. Not to mention all the time he takes to answer aspiring knife makers question and when he answers he really makes sure that you understand and really just is willing to help in a way that you do always find these days. Those things alone make him one of the most down to earth knife makers I have had the pleasure of talking to and really makes you feel good about doing business with him as well as recommending other do business with him as well. Now I am not sure how many know about his charity work and the fact that he is always doing something with Edge out and I think that is pretty fantastic that he finds the time to do that... But today I was blown away by his generosity and I am still at a loss for words and do not know how to even begin saying thank you. Now without getting to much into the detail, basically my mother has been very sick the past ear and off work. Now my father is medically retired and I have had some pretty serious medical issues the past few years as well which has limited my ability to find work as well as when I do I am really limited in what I can physically do with out risking further damage. This has obviously put a great strain financially on my family. Now I am lucky enough to have Ryan as a friend on facebook( his personal page not just his fan page) and I have been posted the information about a fundraiser for my mother that is being put on by 3 of her AMAZING co workers. I didn't send it to him specifically or anything like that. He must have just seen it in his news feed today and he messaged me with... What can I do to help Jon. Oh and by the way if you didn't know but I doubt it since this is blade forums, but he is making this offer right before Blade show, like it is beyond words and description how generous this is.... Again beyond words. He is offering to help me and my family... again words cannot convey how much I appreciate his offer and really just want people to know the kind of man Ryan is. Far to often there are threads and posts talking about the bad side of a knife maker and I really wanted to draw attention to a positive story. I mean how can you not want to support this guy... his work is amazing and simply beautiful pieces of functional art, and he goes above and beyond in order to help those in need out. I really just wanted everyone to know how down to earth and generous Ryan is and I you have been sitting on the fence and thinking about purchasing one of his knives... DO IT, you will not be disappointed and your are supporting a knife maker that gives back (I mean he just gave away a beautiful knife here on blade forums not that long ago also) and isjust a good honest human being that makes some o the most amazing knives out there. I would also hurry because once the masses see his new folder he is going to be so busy that it will not even be funny. But seriously guys Ryan really is a fantastic knife maker and person and I cannot stress that enough...
  2. RyanW

    RyanW Moderator Moderator

    Jul 17, 2009
    Wow that is a Wall of Humbling Text... I am at a loss for words, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. If I can help people I try to step up and help, sometimes it works out and sometimes it flops. I really appreciate your friendship Jon.

    I have been given massive amounts of help along the way in my knife making (Too many makers to name) My Hamon process only exists because others have shared their process with me. Through trial and error I changed a few things that worked for me. The process I use now is actually different from the one I wrote up years ago.
  3. par4s1tE


    Jan 15, 2014
    This was the absolute least I can do... your generosity is truly amazing and my whole family are beyond grateful. You are very right in that the knife community has been an amazing one. The level of generosity and just good people I have had the pleasure of meeting and being friends with is remarkable and I truly feel very lucky to have met you as well as many of the other amazing makers and collectors. It really seems like everyone just wants to help on another out as best they can, and everyone seems to stick together and rally around to support those in need. So again thank you so much and I hope that you have a fantastic Blade show.
  4. DukeHarley


    Apr 11, 2014
    His knives are top notch!!!! I just love to see his blade work.


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