S&W ExtremeOps Clip Point - Giant Pictures!

Nov 7, 2005
This is somewhat of a cross post from the HI forums, but I thought I might include it over here since this is a first production run and maybe you guys haven't seen this knife before.

I picked up this little folder tonight, it was flying under the S&W flag. I noticed that S&W seems to be in somewhat ill repute around the forum, but I have to say this is the nicest knife I found in this size and price range (at my local store, that is.) It fills my hand a lot better than the teeeeensy little spydercos like the Cricket and the Dragonfly. (I have big-ish hands and long fingers, couldn't even open a dragonfly one-handed)

Also appearing in the pictures is an aluminun handled 8.5" Bilton from Himalayan-Imports. Head over to their forum for more info on that guy and his ilk.

Anyway, it's a 3" (1/8" thick) blade, ambidextruous thumbstud, liner lock, and made from 440C, with a Ti powder coating. Weight is 5oz. Liners are some form of stainless steel and scales are G10. NIB sharpness was not special, not bad, and uniform. Liner is ridged near the edge of the thumb area so you can feel when you're about to run out of handle. Lock seems solid and engages very well (centers on the tang) and there is no blade play. I wouldn't mind if the lock was a bit thicker, but I doubt that will ever be a real concern for my usage anyway. I paid $75CAD for this nice little handful.

If I had one complaint about this knife it would be that the S&W medallion doesn't seem to be mounted 'straight', and that there is a little bit of wear on one of the screws, as though someone dinged the slots as they were tightening it. I also couldn't find an allen key to fit the screws for the pocket clip, which is odd since I have a complete set in both imperial and metric. :confused:

Here it is pictured next to that most dreaded weapon of terror as a comparison:

PS - these pictures are not suggested for the bandwidth impaired. Here is a tinier version for you poor souls:


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Mar 26, 2004
Kazeryu said:
Here it is pictured next to that most dreaded weapon of terror as a comparison:

What, the pubic hair?:p
Nov 9, 2005
That looks like a pretty nice S&W. Reminds me of the SERE2K. Might even be a bit of a rip off. But either way, it looks pretty nice. Pics can't tell the whole story, but it has the appearence of quality.