S&W Frame Lock?

Oct 14, 1999
Anyone know anything about a new frame lock by
Smith & Wesson?

I have not noticed any postings about Smiths in general, but thought I would ask.



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I have not seen Smith and Wesson's Frame Lock yet but based on other knifes of theirs, buy something else. The Smith and Wesson knives are plain junk
I agree with zeroturn. The quality of the Smith and Wesson knives I have seen is somewhat lacking. Not to mention they have blatantly ripped off designs of other knifemakers. Their neck knife is a rip off of a Darrel Ralph design. I avoid companies that have practices such as that. Smith and Wesson doesn't make the knives. Another company makes them for Smith and Wesson. If I wanted a reasonable priced frame lock I would look at the Benchmade Pinacle or even the CRK&T S-2.


I avoid companies that have practices such as that

Amen Dennis
Yup, there are knives out there that one can buy without blowing their budget and still get a kick-a$$ user knife. For example, Outdoor Edge's Magna and Impulse and CRKT's Carson M16 series.

Mario - you owe it to yourself to check those folders out

Dexter Ewing
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Shootist and Dexter,

Thanks for the advise. After alot of research here on The Forum I went with the S-2. I have grown very fond of the knife in the short time that I have had it. The quality is outstanding. It is a little on the large side though. CRKT said that there will be two smaller frame locks introduced after the first of the year.

I thought the Pinnacle looked good at first, but I did not like the thin appearance of the later model lock. I could only find the earlier model at retail stores in my area, and for $60 more than web prices ($70 more than the S-2)! If money was not a concern I would have went with a Sebenza.

Thank you again,


"Nothing in life is as important as your reaction to it." - GBS