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Apr 7, 2001
Hi all
Could anyone out there tell me where I could find torx bits to fit the new Smith and Wesson Quick Flick Magnesium HRT? They are awful small and I have not been able to find anyhing to tighten them up - (one of my screws popped out of the handle)
Thanks to anyone who could help me out.

By the way has anyone else purchased one of these and been impressed with it? IMHO it is a great knife and opens quick as a switch - my buddies always look for the button after I open it up in front of them!
If you have a Sears store close to you then this is where I'd recommend you get the Torx drivers. It'll use a T6 or T8....probably T8. Take the knife with you when you select the proper driver. If not, then any electronics store like Radio Shack should sell small Torx drivers, but catch is you'll have to spring for the entire set as opposed to being able to buy them separately at sears. Good luck.
Find a buddy who is an electronics field engineer. They may have the smaller sizes of Torx bits/drivers in their tool kit. Some of the laptops used to use tiny Torx sizes (IME Compaq). Not sure about current laptops. Otherwise, a good tool store (not home centers) should have individual Torx bits in the smaller sizes.
Do youself a favor and invest in a decent set of Torx drivers. Sears has the sizes down to #6 and www.wihatools.com has all the sizes down to #1.

At some point, you'll need the 6 and maybe smaller. Manufacturers have been known to switch screw sizes even in the middle of production runs, so you really need to keep your knees loose with these tiny screws.
Thanks - it is great to have help here - !

Matt, www.knifeoutlet.com has the best price on these right now, if you are thinking about purchasing go for it - you won't be disappointed for the price-

The spurs on these knives finally allow for a super quick draw on a folding non auto knife:)