S&W swvips Viper 56k maybe

Feb 15, 2005
Hi. just a quick review.
The Smith & Wesson Viper is different to any knife I have seen before. The 440C blade is fips from the inside the knife handle to the locked positon. The button on the top of the handle releases the blade and it swings 180 degrees to lock in place, the button also releases the blade.

It is very well made (for a Taylor), the blade is pretty sharp out the box and comes without a noticable micro-bevel, the blade length is 2.5 in. The wierd handle shape is not the most comfortable but it is ok, the handle is type 2 powder coated aluminum. the lock up is great, it is solid with no side to side play.

The lock is like an axis lock but it locks parallel to the blade. It opens so easy that I am sure some cops/prosocuters may say it is a gravity knife. The blade pivots on two thick bushings. it has a very stong pocket clip that only attaches one way.

Cheap ($25)
Cool design
Fast opening
Sharp out of the box
Good lock up

Somewhat uncomfortable grip
Clip only goes one way
Very hard to clip to pocket
Made by Taylor





Sig and S&W(ok it is a BB gun but you get the picture)

Yes I need to clean my carpet.
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