Sabre Stainless Japan 77 Melon Knife?

Dec 19, 1999
I just purchased a Sabre stainless knife made in Japan with the number 77 on it. It has a pearl-like handle and it is 5" long closed with a 4" Blade. He called it a melon knife. What can you tell me about this knife?
Sounds like what we used to call a fruit knife. They were all over when I was a kid. Haven't seen them in a while. The company Sabre used to sell knives in gas staions and hardware stores. I think they still do.

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I got one years ago from Hoffritz in Penn Station in NYC. It's also got a mini-serrated bread knife blade as long as the regular knife, and a tiny two-prong fork at the other end. Great picnic knife, made in Italy.