Sacrilage! defacing the 'perfect' folder

Nov 29, 1998
I just had one of those, "I can't believe you did that" conversations.
Brian E sent me an EDI Genesis on a part because he could never get used to how there was that 'lump' protruding into the finger cutout on the right hand scale to protect the liner lock.

It arrived, I saw, I handled, and since I wanted to keep it for a utility folder, the first thing I did was to head to the shop and unlimber the roto-tool and diamond bit and shave away 2/3 of the offending 'lump', and trim enough off the face of the lock so that it was still protected by what I left of the scale. I then cut a couple of small notches in the liner so it would afford a better finger purchase to release the lock.
It still opens fine, and locks solid, with no apparent loss of structural rigidity. And ita actually comfortable for me to hold in my usual grip, instead of fighting my way around the 'lump'. The warrantee guys probably wouldn't be too pleased if I ever sent it to them.

My question is, have you ever modified a knife you got there, and just how far would you go, or how expensive a knife would you 'modify' to suit yourself?


have dremel, will travel
Ah, sweet vindication.
I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me...the only bloke on the planet who thought there was a problem with the Genesis.
Not that there isn't anything wrong with me, of course.

Brian W E
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I modified two custom knives with my Dremel tool. Never again, never again! Hmmm, jigged Sebenza handle? No, no, not again!

Madpoet - the only help I can offer you is to recommend that you NOT buy yourself a Burr-King Belt Grinder! I'm afraid that you would work on your knives 'till there was nothing left but a bunch of grinding dust on the floor :)

Stay cool,
Here's something I did to one of the first "real" knives I got.

The knife was (er...and still is) a Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife (this was just around the time the "Next Generation" came out, but this one is the original one.

I was using the knife to do a lot of "field testing" around the house. Basically, cutting through cans, etc. I was very satisfied with the knife, but noticed that, when subjecting the knife to some mild abuse like I was doing, the black epoxy coating would get all scratched up. This was unacceptable to me

I didn't really like the black coating anyway, so what I did was the following: First, I removed the coating with some paint thinner. I then proceeded to re-finish the entire blade by going progressively to finer wet sandpaper (lubricated with WD-40). I started at 200 grit, then 400, 600, 800, and finely, 1200 grit. This is as per instructions that were given to me by the late Bob Engath (sorry if I mispelled) in rec.knives, after I had asked for information on refinishing another cheap knife. I followed up with some metal polish and lots of elbow grease.

The result is a Ka-Bar with a shiny blade, guard, and pommel. I absolutely *love* the looks of this knife. I also had the sheath dyed black by a local store. The only obvious disadvantage is that I now keep the blade lightly oiled at all times, since it is 1095 carbon, and as such, not stainless.

I really should scan the knife one day...

PhilB; get a Tuf-Cloth. Oil is a fine lubricant, but the film left by the Tuf-Cloth is dry, and a MUCH better protectant.

Thanks for the advice, Walt. I've heard good things about the Tuff-Cloth. I should definitely pick one up.

I also have another cloth which is made by (I believe) Abu Garcia, or some other fishing gear manufacturer. It also leaves a thin film of oil. It's supposed to be used to clean your reel, etc.

Is anybody familiar with this product? If so, does it compare to the Tuff-Cloth?

Thanks in advance,

Gee, I wonder how I missed that! ;-) Where do I sign up for the support group?

This isn't bad, you should have seen what I did to a Colt Python .357 ;-)

I already have a 'frankenstein' 2 x 42" grinder with a 2 hp motor on it. Amazing what you can do with a 36 grit belt ;-)

Need "more power" though, so a 2 x 72 is in the near future ;-) It IS possible to turn a Battle Mistress into a double edged, distal tapered fighter, right? ;-)


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Changed modified lotsa knives..

Serrations are easy..

Handle modifcations are often a must..

If it comes with a false edge, I think it should be sharp..

Reshaped lot of broken points..

I just don't do anything I can't do, see?


or I buy a new knife.
madpoet - "Some people just can't leave anything alone!" That's why they have afdtermarket headers and fancy struts. There's nuthin' wrong with "Personal aftermarket". "Customize" to your heart's content. Try not to muck it up. besides, "pobody's nerfect", not even us manufacturers.
Sal, I'm one of "those" people. I scraped the black paint off a Guardian II for "something to do." Turns out the blade is beautiful--repainted the handle A la Camo, too. Then I got a dremel tool--oh, SH&*! I learned fast what not to modify. Last mod' was 150 grit to my CQC7 to round the handle edges (like the new ones are)--turned out swell. "Tread lightly and do no harm" is my new modifcation moto though.
It is possible that Sal and MCK may have missed the point.
I do not think the 'Poet was just filling in time ....
I believe he was remedying a problem he found with the knife.
I wish I had had the tools and the skills to do so.....then I may not have traded it to him in the first place

Brian W E
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I modified the Wegner Spyderco I carry as a utility blade. I liked the size and ergonomics, but the second day I carried it I skinned a fox and I thought it needed additional file work on the spine for a "sharpfinger" type grip-middle finger in the cutout and index finger along the blade.
Voila! an ugly knife made even uglier, but more to my liking.
For some mysterious reason I once bought a BM-975. After realizing how useless the design is, I decided to make it -at least- look good. The blade is now mirror polished and I´m replacing the ugly and uncomfortable grip-panels with polished wood. I wanted snakewood at first, but couldn´t find any pieces big enough, so I settled for birdeye birch-root (roughly the same price). When treated right (maroon stained, oiled & polished) the scaled will show a 3D pattern.
For those of you who prefer the "pimp"-look there is allways synthetic pearl.
Sebenzas are known for their fairly aggressive thumbstuds. Well, I bought a small Sebenza from a fella who had previously trimmed the thumbstud a bit. It felt real comfortable to use, but I had to work a bit more to get my thumb onto it. Once I owned it, I didn't want to part with it, even for a week, so I gently put a small scallop in the handle, similar to the cutout on the BM Strykers, but not as big or deep. Sacrilage? Maybe, but it works like a charm, and I have a Sebenza like no others. I love this knife.
I've done a little knife modifying. I've taken Camillus Marine fighting knives (you might call them Kabar's) and made some changes. I've reduced and oval'd (it's a word now!) the handle, regrooved the leather disks, dyed them, reshaped the curved top cutting surface (swedge) to straight--easier to sharpen on a flat stone, and drilled the butt cap for a wrist thong. I've done several when asked by my friends and they work very nicely. Of course, these are $25 knives--I've never tried anything like that on my Randall's or Sebenza! If I make a mistake, I'm only out a few bucks.
Bruce, just curious, but do you have any examples of this handy where we can get pictures? Heck, now that I think about it, I'd like one myself!

Ooooh wait, brand new idea! "Member Project of the month", just like Popular Mechanics... read the new thread!
Guys Mr. Poet knows his way around a grinder. No doubt about it (sorry to spill the beans - Joe)
I bet Will would be interested in your modifications and that you would enjoy eachothers company. The new generation of these knives is even better that the first with tolerances less than 1/1000".
I modify every pocket knife i get...some big time....the first person i met that did that was jack busfield...had an al mar in his pocket that hed totally changed the blade and handle...and like him...I cant afford one of my own.....every time i make one for myself it flies out of my hand in exchange for cash within a week...on of the problems with living in one of the most expensive places in the u.s....did i say u s ..actually a third world country with electricity and an lots of taxes....