sad Christmas for me...

Oct 2, 2004
So I bought a Dominator last month, and at first Iloved it, from its sharpness, its handle, and its action.

But then I realized that the blade was badly off-center(the lady Italked to on the phone agreed with me.

SO I sent the knife in the beginning of the month, like aroudn the 4th or 5th. WHen I called a few days later, the nice lady told me that they would take a look at it next week(this week, today is the friday). So i called again today to check on it since it is a gift for a dear friend of mine who I will visit in January. Turns out the repair department has been SHUT DOWN this week, which was never metioned last time I called. The lady that answered the phone was nice enough to go through all the trouble and confirmed that the blade was indeed off center and the lock almost did not work. However, becasue they closed for the holidays, the knife would not be looked at for at least another three weeks when they open the repair shop again. SO I wouldn't have my knife from the 3rd all the way to the middle of next month, figure about 6 weeks. And this is the most highly anticipated knife I have ever purchased. It's a bummer that I can't handle it for another 3-4 weeks...

it's a relatively simple thing, I just need a replacement, but I guess that's becasue hte small scale of operation of Camillus...SO in the mean time I have to stick with my Emersons. OH well.

Nice knife by the way, in all other respect.



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Jun 5, 2003
I had the same thing happen last year with my Dominator. I sent it in for service early in December and didn't see it again for 7 or 8 weeks.
Dec 14, 2004
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