SafeKeeper I vs SafeKeeper II

Jul 9, 2000
OK I thought I had made up my mind to buy the SafeKeeper II from Cold Steel, it seems to be the best push dagger type knife available... but then I came across the SafeKeeper I knife - with 5" long blade... haven't seen that one before... so I start to wonder which one is the better buy... all threads and discussions and recommendations I've read so far has been regarding SafeKeeper II... not the SafeKeeper 1... does anyone have experiences/opinions on SafeKeeper 1? here's a picture of it:

the one at the top is SafeKeeper 1... any pro's or con's? which one would you say is better? is 5" blade a good thing or a bad thing for a push dagger? maybe it's too big? maybe it got additional weight compared to the slightly smaller model? I'm a little confused here...
I think that you'll find that the primary differences between these two knives will be that the Sakekeeper I has a longer blade and a slightly longer handle.

I own two Safekeeper II's and I find that the blade & handle length to be just right for me. I have a fairly large hand and it fits good. I would agree with the people at CS (by the way......this isn't a exact quote)that this knife would be nearly impossible to dislodge from even the most novice user.
I'm sure that the slighly larger handle on the SK I would be nice but I'm sure not necessary.

Plus don't forget that the blade length listed is for the blade only, not the tang. The overall length would be my consideration.
I purposely chose the SK II over the SK I because I didn't want the longer blade. I had seen the video from CS prior to buying and they show both models in the hand and the SK I seemed like plenty knife to me.

It just comes down to your personal preferences.

Hope this helps.

--The Raptor--
Hey Raptor, thanks for the post! I yet don't own one (as you can see from my posts) but I think once I get hold of one I will be hooked! I've neved tried one in my hand and I haven't seen the video so it's a little hard to decide... a longer blade would be prefered in a lot of cases, not sure with this type of knife though since it might be harder to conceal... what made you choose the SK II over the SK I ? I didn't see the SK I on their own website (coldsteel's) so I didn't know there was one at first... do you know anything about the video on pushdaggers from combattech? I've seen people talk about it but I can't find one at their website...
I picked the SKII over the SKI for no other reason than it was just what I was looking for in blade length.
Usually I prefer a larger blade in almost every knife model, but for some reason in this case, the SKII just looked right for me.
And by the way, IMHO, if you go with a Safekeeper, I can't imagine that you would be disappointed. If a push dagger is what you desire, then short of having a custom dagger made, this offering from CS should fit the bill just fine.
This is one bad-ass piece of steel!!

As for the video on pushdaggers from Combattech, this one is news to me.
Is it about usage??
I haven't heard of this before, but if it's out there I would like to see it.

Please post any findings that you come across regarding the video and your (I'm sure to be a SafeKeeper) next purchase.

--The Raptor--

Also, the Safekeeper I was removed from the CS lineup last spring I believe.

--The Raptor--
One more thing Chariot,
Did you see my last post to your "How Sharp" thread?
If not, check it out before ordering.

--The Raptor--
yup saw your post in that thread, thanks! as for the combattech video i did a search on "safe keeper" and one of the posts that came up said they had a video about it... i've emailed them and asked, i will post when i know more.

I purchased a Safekeeper I and II from Cold Steel a few years ago. After about three months I decided that I favored the Safekeeper II. The look and the feel was much better with the II. So, I traded the SK1 at a local gun show.