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Safety Thread: Be safe, not sorry!

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Oct 28, 2000

A khukuri is a tool which has a sharp blade. It can and is used for many useful tasks. It is not a toy. Treat it with the respect that it deserves.

2. Take the time to learn how to handle a khukuri properly. You’ll find that your use will be more efficient and enjoyable.

3. Always handle and use your khukuri with safety in mind. If you are not 100% dedicated to safety, you have no business using a khukuri. Below are some examples of things not to do and consequences.


These fellows are not being serious about safety...


Neither is this fellow...Do NOT do this at home or anywhere else!!!


And this is an example of the damage a khukuri can cause.

4. Even when a khukuri is being sheathed and unsheathed, safety should be kept in mind.


Notice how the user keeps his hand away from the edge area.


And the wrong way to unsheath/sheath a khukuri...



The fellow handling this khukuri was lucky to avoid serious injury to his hand.

5. Watch out for the sharp chape( this is the sharp brass thing covering the tip of the scabbard)!!! Take a file and round it off or remove it completely.

6. Maintain your khukuri. Keep it sharp and make sure that it fits snugly in its scabbard. If it needs repairs, consult Uncle Bill and the khukuri experts at the Himalayan Imports Forum for advice.

7. If you are allowing others to handle your khukuris, make sure that you instruct them on how you expect them to handle them. This is for their safety and yours. If any doubt exists as to safety, do not let them handle your khukuris. After all, what responsible khukuri owner/user would give a sharp knife to an idiot? Remember, you are responsible for your khukuri.

8. If you see another person using a khukuri in an unsafe manner, stop and instruct them in safe khukuri use. You, and they, will be glad you did.

9. Once more, a khukuri is NOT A TOY!!! It is a sharp tool that can hurt you and others if not used with safety in mind.

10. The pictures and information above were provided by Uncle Bill Martino, Tom Marker, Russell Slate, MauiRob, Howard Wallace’s Khukuri FAQ, Terry Sisco and other responsible khukuri users.

11. The author of this safety thread is not responsible in any way if you misuse a khukuri and hurt yourself in any way. You, and you ALONE are responsible for your actions. No exceptions.

If you have any further information, pictures that would enhance this safety thread, please email me.

Thank you!


And now the HI Safety Officer can retire from bttt ing the Safety Thread to the top!
Not open for further replies.