SAK Clone?

David Nowlin

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Jan 17, 2018
I’m sure i got my Super Tinker at Walmart several years ago but recently i saw this and at less than $5 figured it was a good stocking stuffer. But my haven’t Wally’s cheapened their line up with Chinese clones.
And my ST came with a nice case.
Your thoughts and opinion?
In my limited opinion, it depends... I haven't looked at that multitool in particular so it hard to say if it is even worth $5. The most common problem with those clones is that the edges of the tools are so rounded that they are useless.

That said, I bought one the OT folding knifes for $4 a year or two ago and it has been a great value for I paid for. It use it mainly to peel and cut fruit and it performs as well as knifes costing many times that _for that purpose_. Sure, I can tell that the steel is somewhat soft and it won't hold under hard use, but for my uses it has held great. YMMV
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I think of all cheap chinese SAK lookalikes the same as I do the extremely horrible ones from the dollar store.

They can be a little better than that but in my experience nobody really does it like Victorino does ( I guess wenger too , but I've never had one ) and it's just never worth it.

As with most of the other $4 Ozark trail knives it could be okay for the money so I'd check it out first if it is then go buy another one to gift.
My problem with the clone SAKs is the same as my problem with clones. They dilute the brand in the minds of people who don't know better. So if someone tries to use that can opener and it fails, OT knives are not bad, SAKs are bad. Even as a gift, I have little reason to give someone a 4$ knife, there are ways to get used SAKs for gifting if funds are tight.
In my mind even at the markups I have to pay, Vics are such a great value for the utility they provide, I don't grasp any reasons to willingly go a cheaper route for a barely passable knife. If a cheap knife floats your boat, you do you. I just don't find the value there.
Yea i hear you. I don’t care for the clones or counterfeit knives either. Just wanted to see the copy and see how it compared to Vic.
Curiosity got the best of me. Lol