SAK fetish anyone?

Sep 23, 2000
Recently, I've been enamoured with Victorinox SAK's for daily carry, in addition to a quality folder of the defensive type. I have three, a classic, a tinker and a recruit. These are NOT enough. I need more. I give them as presents. I convince non "knife" people to carry them. (this is to lure them into the addictive world of cutlery)

Do I have a problem? Can I be helped?

Does anyone else like these knives?

Where do I find a good selection online? Dave
Never leave home with out them! I carry two on my person at all times, an Executive in my front left pocket, one of the oldest knives I have, and the Cowboy locking bladed one in my right rear pocket with my wallet, that one I use only for toe pickin' with that one!

But then I'm not satisfied with those alone so click here to view my meager SAK collection;

My meager Victorinox collection

My one Wenger collection (thanks to Kodiak PA for that one!)


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Dave, you are not alone, there are many of us who like SAKs. And use them, dayly. Just type SAK or Victorinox or Wenger on the search option, you will see...
For a long time I used to carry and use the Victorinox Spartan. After finding this forum and reading a lot of useful threads about SAKs recently I got for myself several new SAKs: the Pioneer (of which I am disappointed due to the poor design of the keyring), the Soldier, the Rambler, another Pioneer with large and small blades only, a Secretary for my wife and an Explorer with saw for my kid. They got Ramblers too. Also bought a dozen of SAKs as Christmas presents, I am sure the folks will like them very much. I definitely will buy the Swisstool X.
SAKs are good, SAKs are useful and reasonably cheap.
This summer I got some Case stockmans and a trapper: they look very nice on photos but are not even half as usable and functional as the SAKs. (The Case "Trusharp" 420 HC blades are hollow ground opposed to the flat ground SAK blades, the Cases are not as much stain resistant, display blade play, fit and finish problems, and are more expensive.)
I think one of the best selection on-line you can find on
This is a Swiss knife shop located in Lausanne, they have excellent service, very competitive prices and wider than the usual US found selection. When you make your search on their site, to find out the approximate USD price you have to add the item to the cart. Above 150.00 CHF (cca. x 0.79 = USD) of purchase you get free priority shipping (4-10 days). There are several other shipping options: e.g. smaller amount order with free shipping will take about 4-10 weeks, or you can pay for priority shipping etc. You will find this information as you proceed with your "order", however you can stop at each step before finally completing the real order.
For US sources you can search at (very good prices on the Pioneer or the Vagabond) OR OR (a lot of the new translucent colored knives).
Good luck and happy carry!

I have a lot of Victorinox SAKs, but amazingly the one I carry and use the most is a little black-handled Classic I got at Target for cheap sometime ago. So in addition to carrying that (which I use every day), I also carry that day's chosen one-handed folder(s).

When I lived in Taiwan, I carried a Spartan as my only knife; I ended up carrying that for 10 years. It got scratched and scarred up, a little gunked up, but is still a very usable knife.

My V-nox collection includes:
2 Classics (black & red)
2 Executives (black & red)
2 Tinkers (black & red)
Pocket Pal
Pioneer (I agree about the poorly designed key ring on this one);
Super Tinker
Come to think of it, I have more V-nox's than any other single brand!
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Frank:
All SAK fans or collectors are welcome to join the SAK e-group.

When one clicks the link given on the links page of that group, the page that comes up has been recently updated, but when one clicks on the "Swiss Army Links" link on that page, the Swiss Army page that comes up hasn't been updated since November 1999. And I was all excited, too. Bit of a let-down, really.

Yep! Dave, In PA, I would say you definitely have a problem! can you do anything about it- sure - go buy another SAK - I've lived with the problem for a very long time - 40 years now and it's only gotten worse... I too have given lots of sheeple sak's and even been thanked for them with comments like "how did I manage without that "thing" you gave me?".
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Littleknife, Revvie, Paul and others,
I knew I wasn't alone, I just wanted to talk about the little buggers! When I realized how many folks today are frightened of guns and knives, I felt that giving SAK's as presents might turn their opinion our way. After all, they are quite "non-threatening" compared to some knives available today. (I just make sure my defensive knives are hidden from view until the non-knifey's see the light) Same with guns.

Here's a challenge for all: find a non-knife person and give them an SAK or other such non-threatening knife. Talk to them about safe usage and personal responsibility. Who knows, maybe we'll have another ally.

Follow the links provided by littleknife, they have good prices so you won't spend an arm and a leg, but will still be able to "spread the love". Now how about a group hug? Can you feel the love? Dave
Well, I just put my money where my mouth is. I just ordered a number of lesser expensive Victorinox SAKs to be given away to those who I feel might be deserving. Hopefully they will in turn spread the, joy of cutlery.

Thanks again to Littleknife for the links, Blowout knives has good prices and let me purchase more for my money. Dave
Dave, you are welcome. I am glad I could help. It is my turn now to thank all the SAK loving forumites who posted really useful information on previous threads and especially mnblade and James Y (Jim).
Happy Holidays!