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SAK... Help me choose

Nov 2, 1999
I want to pick up a SAK, but am having a hard time choosing which one to get, cause there are so many. I want a pretty good sized one.
Does anyone have a favorite that they would like to recommend. Please explain why it is your favorite.

Thanks - Eric.
One of the larger Victorinox with the contoured scales, ´cause they have a locking blade, which is a big plus for me. There´s different locking Victorinox, I´d take one with a saw, can opener and a corkscrew. Opening wine bottles is a major reason for carrying a SAK

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Victorinox SwissChamp!

Because Size (and versatility) Matters!



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First and foremost, buy a Victorinox! I prefer the soldier model for daily chores, but if one is all you're going to be able to have for now, check out the 111mm locking blade models first. I always look for the most appropriate tools for what I expect the knife to do...cut, open cans and bottles, make holes in cardboard, plastic or leather, open wine bottles, and fix my damn reading glasses (spend the extra and get the little eyeglass screwdriver that twists into the corkscrew.) If the 111mm models are too big, check out the Huntsman model (91mm). Although the Huntsman doesn't have a locking blade, it does have a great assortment of really handy tools - all of the above plus a saw and scissors.
Hey Eric....

If you are looking for a Good sized SAK,, then probably your best bet is a SAK called the "Outrider"

I made a neck rig for one of these and I have to say,,By far is the best SAK I've seen....

It is slightly large in length and thickness than the RUK SAK but includes scissors, quality micro phillips, large locking blade, saw, and a bunch of the regular stuff...

Can be ordered from Vic for $65.00USD...

The next choice would be the RUK SAK....



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The Deluxe Tinker is MY favorite. You might want to take a good look at that one. It's kind of between a LARGE, and a medium in size, and comes with just the "right" tools.

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Some really good suggestions so far.

Let me just say that the larger sizes don't bother me that much, because this one will probably be stored in my glove compartment or backpack.

I have a couple of small ones that I can carry in my pocket.

I went looking for the locking version of my favorite -the Tinker, and found the Trailmaster. -locking blade, saw, can opener, bottle opener/screwdriver, awl, phillips head screwdriver,
If you don't pay attention to your SAK, like I do, you NEED the Pioneer. It has thicker implements, and you really notice the difference when you use/abuse them. Most importantly, it has the Alox scales. This knife has been my constant companion for four years, the only knife I've carried that long. It's passed airline security, sharpens in a second to hair-shaving sharpness, and has no horizontal play whatsoever. The red coloring is wearing off the high points on the grip, but aside from that the knife might as well be new. It's an underrated carry piece, but well thought out, and it flies under everyone's radar. I wouldn't hesitate to trust it under any circumstances.
If it's going to be in the glove-compartment or pack then I would recommend a large Victorinox model with a lock-blade and as many tools as possible (maybe the Locksmith). Or maybe you need a multi-tool. What specific tools do you need the most?
For pocket-carry, the aluminum alox SAKs are great. They have slightly thicker blades and are very solid in construction. You really can't go wrong with the Soldier or Pioneer. Or, my favorite, the Electrician model (my Pioneer has a key-ring that tears holes in my pockets, and I like the small electrician blade rather than the can-opener).
Happy hunting (and I'll bet you can't buy just one).

you're probably right... i'll probably end up getting a couple different ones. i was looking at the "workchamp" as a possibility. it has a pretty good variety of tools.
oops... apparently the "workchamp" isn't offered anywhere in the us. i guess my quest is still on.
If you like a really tool-filled SAK probably the SwissChamp is the one. Other ones not quite as thick but still versatile are the Craftsman and the Ranger. These are in the 3.5" closed size. Myself, I'm interested in a SwissChamp for its versatility in light-duty jobs.

For heavier jobs, a Victorinox Swisstool may be a good choice, esp. if you plan to keep it in the glove compartment. It's a pliers tool and not an SAK, though.

I own a Victorinox with a liner-locking main blade and locking screwdriver/cap lifter called the Trailmaster. This is in the large, black-handled series, and includes a wood saw, can opener/small screwdriver, Phillips, and awl.
My favorite kind of SAKs are the brown paper ones. I always ask for paper, instead of plastic, when I go grocery shopping.

As for Swiss Army Knives, I prefer the small ones with the red handles, at least two blades of different sizes, and a couple of other tools.

I really like the ones with the cork pullers. Back when I was dating I would use that to open bottles of wine in hopes of getting screwed. But now I'm married with kids, and rarely need to open wine. I'm pretty much permanently screwed now. Although an occasional bottle does help take the edge off my whine.

I really don't know what the names of my SAKs are since I have been using a couple of them for about twenty-five years and have not been able to justify spending any money on a new one.

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rmworks.com lists the Workchamp for $79.99. Also, you can try swissknife.com, a retailer in Switzerland. They will ship to the USA. Their prices are in Swiss francs (about 3 francs to the US dollar). They have the entire line of both victorinox and Wenger knives, many not imported into the US. By the way, my favorite SAK is the Explorer.
I choose the Rucksack. It has everything I need for a "woods" knife. If you don't need/like the corkscrew, just add one of the eyeglass screwdrivers. Very useful.

Try and find one of the Victorinox models with green handles and Mauser marked on the side. They have 2 big blades,(one spear point and one clip point), a large wicked saw, a canopener/bottle opener, and a few other tools I cannot remember. They are sort of hard to find, but well worth it. Wont cost you anywhere near $50 either. Probably closer to $40.

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I carry the Craftsman myself.

It is just a little smaller than the SwissChamp and therefore easier to carry. I needed a knife that would fit nicely in any trousers or slacks worn in a business office, and one that wouldn't call too much attention to itself.

If pocket carry wasn't an issue, I probably would have gone for the SwissChamp. For storage in a car's glovebox, if you're in the mood for a SAK, I would aim for the SwissChamp or the SwissTool, depending on what you can afford.
a lot of you guys have mentioned the "rucksack" and i might try this one for pocket carry if it is small enough.