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SAK/Multitool for electronics?

Which would you folks recommend the most for working around VCRs and personal computers? I was thinking about the Victorinox CyberTool, but I've read the Leatherman PST (already have one) and SuperTool are pretty handy around electronics, too.
Jan 18, 2000
If you're going to be working on a lot of different computers, you should look for something that takes standard replaceable bits, so you can carry Torx bits and such, as needed. The SAK CyberTools, the SpyderWrench, and the Leathermans with the tool attachment all do this.
Whatever you decide,consider getting a crescent Toolzall as well.For about $30.00
you won't get the best multi-tool sold,however,the wire stripper head makes this an outstanding tool for electrical work.Also comes with 8 locking tools...not a gem,but will do the job!

"Just me and my multi-tools."

I second jharden's opinion. Check out the Crescent Toolzall. But, for my money the Spydertool, with smaller bits, would be the best choice if nuts and bolts are part of the picture. Maybe both of the above and a butane soldering iron. That should do it.


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