Sal, how are some of your decisions turning out?

Jul 7, 2000
Hi Sal,

I know that some of the models you've put out in the last few years have been a 'gamble.' Some models that come to mind are:
Bob Lum Chinese folder
There were more but I forget.

Now that some time has passed, I was wondering how the success of some of these items has been. Have you been pleased with the Gunting's sales? It's been pretty popular here at BFC but we are an isolated community.

It's probably too early to say if the Lum Chinese is getting the sales you hoped for but any guesses?

Let me just say as a SpyderNut that I respect and appreciate every risk you take in the knife industry. I am amazed when you put out these risky designs rather than being conservative with your product line and protecting profits. I want to say thanks for constantly changing the industry and for taking risks with us folks.

So have those risks paid off? I sincerely hope they have.
Hi think. Quite an astute comment. thanx for thinking of us, the company.

The Gunting is doing well. We are still in a backorder condition. Good from the point of view demonstrating demand, but negative because we aren't delivering Guntings as quickly as we'd like. Bram is promoting and training all over the world which is the major promo. He's quite good at showing the advantages of the Gunting.

The Chinese folder is also in backorder mode. It is a difficult knife to make with the nested liner, offset arc ramp and eccentic pivot. We're also curious to see how the blue version is received.

Once we can catch up on demand for a while, I'll have sufficient history to know if the "risk" was worth the effort.

A blue Chinese folder?:eek:

I really need to get a job now:mad:

Please slow down with the great knives Sal! I can't keep up:p !
blue chinese folder

i have to sit down...
thank god I sat already.
how do I explain to my wife ????

Hi guys,

The "gunmetal blue" chinese folder is a limited run being made for Spyderco's distributor in Germany. There are going to be some extras made for the rest of us. I think they are due out this month.
OK- Now how do we mere mortals go about obtaining one of these?
If they won't be available in the US, is it possible to order from the German distributor? Ist mir egal...