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Bobby Branton

Dec 12, 1998
Last year I spoke to you about putting together a Spyderco collection. Steve Jordal
and Nancy have been a lot of help. But for some Questions you have to go to the top.
Could you tell me what year Spyderco stopped putting Police Model on the Blade and started Putting just (Police)on the Police models? What year did Spyderco produce the Mini Mariner Necklace and what was the retail price? At this time I have approx 100 Spydercos and I am looking for the rare stuff. I hope to display the collection at The Blade show soon.


Bobby Branton


Bobby - Quite a collection! I don't know if I can help. We started making the Police Model about 1986. The Etching was "Pride, Integrity and Guts" with the PIG larger and in vertical line. At the time, Spyderco was made up of about 6 employees. Record keeping and documentation was poor. I think it was about 1987 that we changed to etching POLICE MODEL. We built those for several years. Then we built about 2,000 pieces with no markings. Then we started stamping POLICE on the blade and have been since. I'm not sure of the dates. Joyce (Mktg dept)is going through the old scrapbook doing research on another model, maybe she's come across something that might help. Each time we made a change, it was because of customer complaints over what we had. Shows you can't please everyone all of the time. We finally decided that POLICE would serve in all countries. Generic and business like.

Mini Mariners were only made for a very short time. One run, maybe 600 pieces at best. We also made a Mini Mariner with abalone scales which was quite lovely. Again, very few. 200-300 tops. I have no idea what the prices might have been.

We are beginning to produce a Mini Police Model necklace in MAR '99. Overall length (open) is 3" (including the external lanyard hole). A working lockback, flat ground ATS-34 blade, titanium scales. a true miniature. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Thanks Sal for taking time out of you busy schedule to answer these questions.Could you also tell me how many variations were made of the Military such as the different steels used and blade coatings and now I think you have come out with a new redesigned model?
For me and a couple other "Q " collectors Can we get the names of the retailers or customers that you have made special designs for?

Thanks again

Bobby Branton
Hi Bobby - you might be interested in trying Ironstone Distinctive Bladeware, also located in Golden, Colorado. Spyderco is making some folders that are sold only through IDB. Some of which are: an aluminum handled version of the C37 Walker model, a Remote release Snap It with a sheepsfoot blade, and the "Flat Iron Folder" (a broad, spearpoint blade with the old-style Rescue handle). I do not have their 800 number readily available but their website is . You can view these models on their page. Spyderco has also made some small versions of the Jess Horn C34 folder for A.G. Russell. They are available in coral or white micarta handles and have flat ground blades. I think A.G. still has them up on his page . Hope this info helps!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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Bobby - Military (1st generation) had two steels available; CPM-440V (Crucible) and ATS-35 (Hitachi). We coated both steels with a titanium based thin film coating. Both were available in Plain or full serration.

Re: "Q's" - there were hundreds. (some quite sophisticated, eg; a deer running through the forrest, or an African mask). We had originally planned to make these available to collectors, but the "customers" wouldn't go for it. I know that we have at least one of each for "Our Future Musuem". I dont't know where you could come up with them. Sorry.

WOW this place is great. Sal comes in and answers many question I never even thought to ask. I have now made this my home page and check it each morning before I go to work and each night before bed. Thanks to all!


I am a diver and a few year back you made the diver probe. I still have it and love it. A few weeks ago I came in here and asked about a good folding dive knife. Mike Turber suggested the Spyderco Snap It. This is the best dive knife I have ever owned. Problem is none of the dive shops around here ever heard of it. Without this place I would have never even heard of it. Thanks again for coming in here and answering questions. I was a Spyderco fan before this forum and now I am a Spyderco fan for life!

Scuba Doo