Sale Proxy Requests

Jun 12, 2010
Fonedork and Madcap ,
Thanks for the information !... Im not too concerned about being first my main concern is that i know i wont be able to get online and post on Friday may the 28th. At all what so ever and me not knowing how pre-order threads work vs regular sales threads so i just didn't want to miss out on this knife ! if its not breaking any rules and nate and jo are ok with it id still like for Fonedork to proxy for me on this pre order on 5/28/21 @5pmEST ! .... Thanks again for your time !

Frc505 aka Frank

My Pre-Order is the following
1 Utility fighter 2 in Delta 3V with either Royal or Midnight Blue Micarta scales And if those ain't a option then id like the Double Black Micarta scales with the Blue Ti hardware and a reinforced penetrator tip thanks again
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Dec 30, 2015
I know it’s a long shot, but heck I might as well ask anyway😁 If anyone is going to Blade Show and would be willing to snag a Boot Dagger for me (of course after you bought yourself one, haha) I would greatly appreciate it! Like many of you guys, I’ve been trying to snag this unicorn since the crew announced them. If you’d be able to help, shoot me a PM. Thanks a lot!


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Mar 13, 2014
OK. Since we are looking at long shots, anyone willing to grab the super carothers dagger, I'll even pay the generous proxy for their trouble. I swear if the border opened, I'd do it myself and throw elbows. Unfortunately, that won't happen.

By super carothers dagger, I'm talking about the integral that Nathan seemingly alluded to, not the boot dagger.

This is such a long shot lmfao a guy can dream. Cheers 🍻