Salish vs. Kootenai

Jul 21, 2005
Does anyone have a side by side picture of both the Salish and Kootenai they could post?

Also, I would like to hear preferences people have for one or the other and why.

Sorry for not seeing this post sooner. I don't have a finished Kootenai to show but I can show a Kootenai blank next to a finished Salish if you would like.

As to preference, I like them both. The Salish is lighter and a little smaller. If you want to carry light then the Salish would be great, but if you want something a little heavier you might want to think about the Kootenai. Though, either one will do what you need it to do.
As I have some free time this Friday night I decided to sharpen my new knives (1 Urban Raven, 1 Kootenai, 2 crow foot's, and a Salish). Great quality blades!