Man oh's been a long time since I visited this thread...

Update: The Salish has officially been retired. It's a phenomenal piece and has taken more abuse than any knife should. It has shaken off everything I could throw at it and asked for more. I did, of course, use it as a knife as intended rather than a hammer or prybar but, as a knife, it handled wonderfully.

Christine has been so kind as to send me a Kootenai with a fantastic leather sheath. See one here: (Click image for larger version)

These are being made by the boys at JRE Industries and really class up the knife. They're also doing the Bitterroot and the Crowfoot in both black and brown.

This knife (the Kootenai) is now the focus of my attention and I will do my best to give this a beating like the Salish took. :eek:

Stay tuned...

I've had a Salish for a few months and have been really happy with it. I was leaning towards buying one, then read your posts and they are what convinced me to go ahead and make the purchase. I've also been really happy with the Crowfoot - best necker that I have.

Just curious - did you get your Kootenai directly from Christine, or did you go through someone else?


I actually received it as a gift directly from Christine. She's the BEST!!!

:D :D

I'd check with her dealers if you're looking for something. I think Ida's got everything but the Salish in stock.

Since I already have a Urban Raven , DLC Crowfoot and a Bitteroot , 4 pairs of Gunner Grips , guess I better get on with getting a Salish and a Kootenai.
Great thread , looking forward to seeing you put the Kootenai thru it's paces.
great thread. I love my Salish and Crowfoot too. Enjoying the Talonite Crowfoot especially.

Christine - any word that opportunity at Blade?