Santa was good to me...............

Aug 21, 2005
Santa-wife did it right this year - she, and my son, got me an ATC/Emerson CQC-T for Christmas!! :eek: Man, I was thrilled to death. Very nice feel to it, and you can shave with the darn thing. It's nice!
MikeA, I wish I had gotten one. An ATC hawk was the one thing I wanted for Xmas the most... But I had no one to buy it for me.. Hope you like your CQC-T. You said it shaved hair.... I thought that ATC didnt put that kinda edge on the hawks because it made them unable to withstand extreme levels of hard cutting... At least thats what the website states. Also, the cqc-t is a throwing hawk if i recall... Nevertheless, the cqc-t is one of my favorites! COngrats man!!!! SOunds like you have a great wife!!!!:thumbup:
I think that both Emerson and ATC tout the CQC-T as being a self-defense/personal protection type of hawk. It wasn't made for throwing or hard duty labor, like say, a VTAC. I wouldn't hesitate to take my VTAC to Hades and back.....pounding my way through cinderblock walls along the way. The CQC-T though...... I'd take it along and use it as a offensive/defensive hawk without hesitation.

It was a very nice surprise that the wife, and my son, got me. Makes a nice addition to the collection.